how to use whatsapp on pc

how to use whatsApp on pc
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Now you can use WhatsApp on your PC, where WhatsApp has launched an application for Windows and Mac os. Here we will learn how to download and install WhatsApp on any Windows operating system ( Windows 8 or Windows 10).

The WhatsApp for Desktop application is easy to use and is just an extension of your phone and does not need to take a tab in your web browser as this application makes you see desktop notifications for your phone and keyboard shortcuts. This application can also be installed on any Windows or Mac system with ease.

Please follow the steps below.

how to use WhatsApp on your PC.

Step 1: go to whatsApp page to download the App and hit the download button. You can download whatsApp also from Apple App Store.

how to use whatsApp on pc

Step 2: choose your operating system, you will find three choices

  1. Mac os
  2. Windows 8 64-bit
  3. Windows 8 32-bit

How to use WhatsApp on pc

Step 3: After downloading the application according to your operating system, go to your downloads and install the application.

Step 4: Now go to WhatsApp in your phone and then hit Menu and select WhatsApp Web and then you have to scan the QR code with your phone on the screen by using whatsApp.

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how to use whatsApp on pc

Step 5: Now the application will recognize the QR code and then the application will be linked to the Windows operating system that you use with your account and you will be logged into the desktop App automatically. Congratulations you are now able to use WhatsApp on your PC without any problem.

Note: WhatsApp only works on Windows and Mac OS and does not support Linux system or ARM processors.

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