Elevate Customer Service: The Power of WhatsApp Chatbots in Business

Elevate Customer Service: The Power of WhatsApp Chatbots in Business
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High-quality customer service is the bare minimum a company should have. Customers put their expectations on the customer service to solve their problem. Customers should always be able to reach businesses through all channels so that they can have a good experience. They should also respond quickly to any questions they may have.

Nowadays, empowering customers with high-quality service is easier with automated real-time chatbots, like WhatsApp chatbots, for instance.

Omnichannel x whatsapp chatbot: the ultimate solutions for customer service

A company often presents on many channels to promote their product. Do they then manage the customers from all of the channels by going through each application one by one? Of course not.

An omnichannel marketing platform lets businesses use a single platform to interact with many other platforms. It could be with websites, social media, or e-commerce.

The WhatsApp chatbot now works with omnichannel, which lets users from different channels work together on WhatsApp business. Customers will have a more effective online shopping experience. For companies, they will have a more efficient and ideal system to look after customer support standards.

A combination of the omnichannel platform and whatsapp chatbot allows,

  • Effective collaboration between whatsapp business and other channels, such as social media and e-commerce,
  • Utilizing Whatsapp Business as a single platform to access insight summaries across multiple channels
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Then, does it automate the company’s workflow? Business Services Platform, which also oversees the WhatsApp Business API and CRM, is technically in charge of handling Omnichannel. So it will definitely automate the company’s whatsapp chatbot. Here are two scenarios to demonstrate how the omnichannel platform works with WhatsApp bots.

Supporting the company’s marketing strategy

Implementing omnichannel in the whatsapp chatbot can get people from different social media to contact them on WhatsApp. Companies, for example, may promote their products by uploading a video to Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. Businesses can link their WhatsApp account to a promotional video through omnichannel integration.

Additionally, omnichannel allows for the analysis of customers’ desired content preferences. As a result, businesses can create content categories based on customer preferences. That way, customer engagement will increase.

Guiding customers for better shopping experience

Riri, a customer, saw an advertisement for a fashion product on the seller’s Instagram account. Because she was engaged, Riri called the fashion store to inquire about the product’s availability and details. If that fashion store uses an omnichannel platform, an ad will appear along with the link to their WhatsApp business number.

A WhatsApp chatbot should be able to give buyers information about product descriptions and payment options. It will provide them with a better shopping experience. And do the same thing when the customer has already made the payment. It must offer services for checking the status of the order and other services after the sale.

Use WhatsApp chatbot template to nurture customer satisfaction

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is replacing customer service with chatbots on WhatsApp. These chatbots have human-like language skills and can complete tasks automatically.

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Customer service from a WhatsApp chatbot is less likely to be inconsistent or incorrect. This is because chatbots have a high level of consistency, which allows them to solve multiple problems with a single tool.

Except for automation, CRM, if integrated into the WhatsApp chatbot, has the ability to:

  • Generate leads based on queries from customers using the natural language platform.
  • Save message templates that match customer preferences.

Nurturing customer satisfaction is necessary to keep them happy and loyal to our business. When you are taking care of customers, business owners need to think about both of these things.

Customize WhatsApp chatbot template into different segments

A WhatsApp chatbot that can handle different conversations needs to have some templates in different parts. The section should depict a natural conversation flow about greetings, frequently asked questions, booking explanations, and so on. Every segment has different needs and goals. So business owners need to come up with unique triggers, messages, actions, and transitions for each segment.

However, doing this manually can be time-consuming and error-prone. That’s why business owners should leverage a third-party tool, such as a business service platform. So it can automate and optimize the segmentation process and deliver personalized and relevant content to each segment.

Measure and improve customer satisfaction with WhatsApp chatbot analytics

Customers should have the best experience possible with the chatbot. Thus, business owners should use WhatsApp chatbot analytics to keep track and improve customer satisfaction. The analytics include numbers and facts that show the performance of the chatbot, customers’ feedback, and customers’ satisfaction with using the chatbot in comparison to a Qualtrics competitor. These analytics can also help to improve the design, functionality, content, and personality of the chatbot to make customers happier and more loyal.

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Signs a company needs to implement whatsapp chatbot

There are many reasons why using a WhatsApp chatbot could be helpful. Here are two that could mean a business should add one to its communication methods.

High Volume of Customer Inquiries

If your business gets a lot of WhatsApp messages from customers asking questions or making requests, it might be hard to handle them all by hand. A WhatsApp chatbot can quickly answer common questions, help customers with simple tasks, and handle routine questions. This can help make customers happier by cutting down on response times and making sure they get help quickly.

24/7 Customer Support Demand

Setting up a WhatsApp chatbot can be very helpful if your customers or clients need help or support outside of normal business hours. A chatbot can answer right away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This makes sure that customers get the information or help they need even when real people aren’t available. By providing support around the clock, this can improve the customer experience and make them happier and more loyal.

Ultimately, using a WhatsApp chatbot for customer service should be based on what customers want and how they like to talk to businesses. As long as people are always asking for answers in real time and the team is having trouble keeping up, a chatbot could be a smart way to improve communication and customer service overall.

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