How to Know that You Have a Keeper

How to Know that You Have a Keeper
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When you fall in love, the first thing you want to do is to date that individual. You cannot go directly to marrying them since you do not know their true colours. Some people change once they get married, and that is not something you would want to experience.

I get this question a lot. “How do you know that the person you just met is a keeper?” Well, you have to consider so many factors before you can arrive at a concrete conclusion.

One of the ways to know who they are doing a background check on them. It may seem like you are stalking them, but you have to ensure that you are safe.

Here is how you can end up knowing them using CocoFinder, which is a people search free website.


The worst relationship mistake you can make

What is the most natural thing you can do? It is fall in love. However, keeping things fresh is one of the most common struggles amongst many couples.

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Therefore, if you want to feel safe, then you are free to test the relationship before you start investing in it. The worst mistake is spending on someone without knowing if he or she is capable of becoming a future partner.

How can you test that person without offending the other party? Using a people search service can help you avoid problems that escalate as you people get to know each other.

Some people also lie about their identity. Hence, it can be not very easy to know if they are worth keeping or not.

Why we recommend CocoFinder

Why we recommend CocoFinder

Once the relationship gets to the place where you need to know the other person, then digging up information about them can help you know who they are.

CocoFinder gives you that opportunity. The website is a people search service with more than a million users. Besides that, online brands such as Forbes, CNET, Android Authority, and many others recommend the site to users because it helps many people in building healthy relationships.

You can redirect to CocoFinder if you want to know more about the site.

How to find out if he or she is a keeper or not using CocoFinder

After realizing such an excellent platform, the next thing is to sign up for the website.

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Fundamentally, the registration process is free for everyone. You do not have to pay a dime to access the service. However, registration is paramount.

Once you complete the process, head out to the people search service. Enter the person’s name on the form, the city, and the state they live in, and then click on send.

After a few minutes, the CocoFinder system should give you comprehensive feedback via a report.

What the report contains

The comprehensive report gives you all the details about them. CocoFinder keeps updating its database; therefore, there is less possibility of getting inaccurate results.

Some of the details you will know about your partner include Links to their social media profiles, their financial records, criminal records, contact information, their social security number, and status, marital status, among many other things.

In other words, the report is thorough. You will be able to know if your spouse or potential partner is a fraud or if they are honest with you.

What to do after you find the truth

Relationships are quite tricky to manage if you are not mature. Therefore, since you now know the truth, you can tell them. If things do not turn out the way you would like it to be, you can communicate that.

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However, if it is something you can solve, ensure that you also communicate that with them. Dishonesty can also arise when one of the parties involved is not confident to share their dark past.


Knowing the truth about someone is essential for any relationship. If there is no truth, then there is no relationship. Hence, CocoFinder allows you to see the truth without having to ask the individual if you suspect that they have been doing something illegal behind your back.

Ensure, though, that you do not use CocoFinder for selfish gains. For instance, if you use the information you acquire to steal or lie to other people, you can get yourself into bad books with the law.

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