How To Get Whatsapp on Your Apple Watch

How To Get Whatsapp Apple Watch
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How to Use WhatsApp on Apple Watch?. Apple Watch is a very impressive wristwatch produced by Apple. Which is one of the best innovations of Apple. Also, it has many unique features. And there are also many publications. Like “Apple Watch Series 1” and “Apple Watch Series 2“. In addition to “Apple Watch Series 3“, “Apple Watch Series 4“. Besides “Apple Watch Series 5” and “Apple Watch Series 6“. And here comes the question. How To Get Whatsapp on Your Apple Watch?. Or how can I use WhatsApp on Apple Watch. WhatsApp is the most popular smartphone Apps ever. And the most used ones. As the number of WhatsApp users around the world exceeded 1.5 billion.

Therefore, WhatsApp is the most used App in the world. And with an amazing Apple Watch. Which is characterized by high technology. The question comes on how to use WhatsApp on Apple Watch. Based on that, today we will provide you with a detailed answer to that question. Where we will provide you with all the necessary information about WhatsApp on Apple Watch. Also, we will show you some amazing features and advantages. Plus how to get WhatsApp notifications on your Apple Watch. In very simple steps and without difficulties. Follow us to find out more information.

About Apple Watch Wristwatch

Apple Watch is a very practical wristwatch. Also, it is characterized by high technology and efficiency. Forearm produced by Apple. Which made it a small phone in your hand. You can control it easily. Plus get notifications. Besides downloading apps and others. Also, you can know the time and date. Besides the temperature, humidity, and weather conditions. Plus you can use WatchChat 2 on Apple Watch. In addition to the possibility of adding friends to Apple Watch. Also, the wristwatch features a blood oxygen app and an ECG app. Which allows you to know the oxygen level in the blood.

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In addition to the ability to know the number of heartbeats while wearing an Apple Watch. Also, you can know the calories and exercise minutes. In addition to the ability to obtain WhatsApp notifications and conduct conversations. In addition to viewing photos, media, and others. Nevertheless, the weight of the Apple Watch is very light. Plus the size of the wristwatch is 40mm to 44mm. Besides many other amazing features. Follow us to learn more about WhatsApp Apple Watch.

Benefits Of Apple Watch

  • Small size. As the size of the Apple Watch is very small. (40mm to 44mm). Which leads to ease of movement and ease of carrying.
  • Very lite. Certainly, the weight of all wristwatches is somewhat perfect. But when it is a technical watch. Like an Apple Watch, and it weighs lighter than a traditional wristwatch. It would be a very unique feature.
  • GPS + Cellular 1. Also, the wristwatch contains GPS. Which will enable you to track the locations easily. In addition to the distinctive Retina screen, which is always on.
  • Track fitness. The possibility of tracking fitness and training. In addition to measuring the caloric rate. Besides the exercise minutes.
  • Blood oxygen App and ECG. The Apple Watch contains a blood oxygen app. Which measures the oxygen level in the blood. Besides the ECG App.
  • Heart rate. The wristwatch also provides a heart rate feature. Which alerts you to your heart rate while walking or during exercise, etc.
  • Time. Ability to know the time and date. In addition to temperature and humidity. Besides knowing the weather.
  • Making calls. The possibility of making calls easily via the Apple Watch. In addition to receiving messages easily via the wrist.
  • Siri commands. Which provides you with information about reminders. In addition to timers and alerts, you can also view tickets and boarding passes.
  • WhatsApp notifications. Once you use WhatsApp on Apple Watch. Then you will be able to get all WhatsApp notifications on the Apple Watch.
  • Energy-saving. The Apple Watch has an excellent battery. Which will save energy. Plus long life.
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Benefits Of Apple Watch 

How To Use WhatsApp On Your Apple Watch

How To Use WhatsApp On Your Apple Watch 

  • Go to “Settings” on your iPhone device.
  • Click on the “Notifications” option.
  • Scroll down. After that select “WhatsApp“.
  • Now, change the toggle switch to “Allow Notifications“.
  • Then you will choose to “Show in Notifications Center“.
  • After that “Show On Lock Screen“.
  • Also, you can enable “Sounds“, “Badges“, and “Banners“.
  • Now “Open” the App Watch.
  • Go to “Notifications“.
  • Scroll down and enable “Notifications“.
  • Now you get WhatsApp on Apple Watch successfully.

How To Use WhatsApp Apple Watch On WatchChat 2

Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not have an official App on WatchChat 2 now. No even en Apple Store. Although Facebook has an official App on WatchChat 2. Therefore, until now, no third party has launched WhatsApp versions for WatchChat 2.

How To Remove Data Plan From Your Watch

How To Remove Data Plan From Your Watch

  1. First, open the “Watch App“, then select your “Apple Watch“.
  2. Now you will click on “Mobile Data“.
  3. Then press ““next to the data plan.
  4. After that, click on “Remove Plan“.
  5. Then tap on “Deactivate Network Services“.
  6. Now you have deleted the plan data from the Apple Watch.
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Why My WhatsApp Not Appear On My Watch Apple?

  • Go to Settings> Notifications> Enable Notifications.
  • Go to the Watch App> Notifications> Enable WhatsApp.


Now you can enjoy Whatsapp Apple Watch easily. As the Watch supports the use of WhatsApp. This is done by using chat. In addition to receiving notifications and making voice calls. Plus video calls. Also, above, you will find an explanation of the features of the Apple Watch. Where you can find the App of oxygen in the blood. Which provides you with the data for oxygen in the blood. In addition to GPS and a permanent Retina screen. Also, you can know the time, date, and temperature. Besides the degree of humidity, calorie measurement, and exercise minutes. In addition to calculating the heart rate and others. We also explain a very simple method. How to use Whatsapp Apple Watch with very easy steps. You can share your opinion with us in the comments.

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