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Fouad Mod Whatsapp APK. Or FMWhatsApp 2020. It is a mod WhatsApp application. And it is the best and the most used. Some third parties have developed and updated Fouad Whatsapp Apk. This is in order to suit all versions of Android. In addition to more additions and new features. However, Fouad Whatsapp is not the only modded WhatsApp App. There are dozens of MOD WhatsApp Apps. Since the official WhatsApp was established in 2009 until now. Many WhatsApp applications have been developed and updated. Which contains features that you may not find in the original WhatsApp.

Like “GB WhatsApp” And “WhatsApp Plus” And others. Based on that, today we will provide you with all the details about Fouad Mod Whatsapp App. In addition, we will offer you a unique set of new Fouad Whatsapp Apk features and additions. Besides how to download FM WhatsApp Apk with a direct link and without ads. Also, we will provide you with simple steps on how to install Fouad Mod Whatsapp. Follow us below to find out more.

About FM WhatsApp APK

Fouad Whatsapp is one of the best WhatsApp Apps modified in 2020. Which can be used for instant messaging. Besides improving chat functions. As many new additions and updates have been added to the App. Fouad WhatsApp APK was created and developed by “Fouad Mod”. Also, many new emojis have been added. In addition to the ability to change the voice notes playback bar. In addition to the possibility of specifying the discussion picture, whether it is outside or inside. Also one of the unique features in the FMWhatsApp 2020 App.

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You can send many photos in one message. In addition to the ability to send the video in large size. Also, you can type the status with 250 characters instead of 139. Besides the anti-ban feature and the choice of front symbol shading. Also, on Fm WhatsApp, you can choose a basic image for the screen. In addition to copying the new FAB call. Besides controlling calls, groups, colors, chat lines, and others. Follow us below to learn more FMWhatsApp Apk features.

Features And New Additions Of FmWhatsApp

  • Anti-ban feature. Besides, FM WhatsApp is without the chaotic Mode.
  • The possibility of closing the front tag. In addition to the ability to hide all media from the screen.
  • HSV shader options are available. In addition to the ability to copy the new FAB call.
  • The ability to choose a basic image for the screen. Also, the ability to choose an image to designate near the bubbles.
  • Also the possibility of putting a picture of the gatherings inside and outside.
  • The possibility of sending the video in a large size. In addition to sending many pictures in one message. Just like “YoWhatsApp”, “GB WhatsApp” and “TM WhatsApp”.
  • You will not need to root your device to install Fouad WhatsApp Apk.
  • You will not need to jailbreak your device if you are using FMWhatsApp for iOS or FMWhatsApp for iPhone.
  • The possibility of changing voice notes. Besides the ability to change the shading on the main screen.
  • Control of colors, screen, calls, groups, and others. Along with some new emoji symbols.
  • Also the possibility of choosing calls through the complex calls. Which allows you to select and ignore calls.
  • Also the advantage of translating from Brazilian into Portuguese. In addition to the availability of the Azerbaijani language.
  • The possibility of changing the operation of the voice notes bar. Besides putting shading on the members.
  • Fouad Mod Whatsapp APK has a theme store.
  • Ability to report content shading on the visit screen.
  • Also the ability to choose the tab for underline shading. Besides the ability to shade the pending message.
  • Fouad Whatsapp is a secure application. As it does not carry any malware or viruses.
  • Fm WhatsApp is an App compatible with all versions of Android.
  • Fouad WhatsApp is a 100% free app. You will not need to pay a cent.
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Download FMWhatsApp Whatsapp APK

Download The Latest Version Of Fouad WhatsApp APK For Android

To download Fouad WhatsApp, you will not need complicated steps or great effort. Also, FM WhatsApp 2020 does not require your phone to be highly capable. As the size of Fouad Mod Whatsapp APK is very small, it will not take much space on your phone. Also, the App is compatible with all old and new Android versions. All you have to do is connect your phone to the Internet. Then follow the download and installation steps below.

How To Download Fouad WhatsApp 2020

  1. Click on the FM WhatsApp download link below.
  2. Wait a few seconds for the download to finish.
  3. Then follow the installation steps below.

Download FMWhatsApp v5.45 APK

How To Install Fouad WhatsApp Apk

  • Go to “Settings“.
  • Choose “Security Settings“.
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” option.
  • Close settings and open “Downloads“.
  • Click on the Fouad WhatsApp “APK” file.

Download Fouad Mod Whatsapp APK the Latest Version For Android

  • Click the “Install” button.

Download Fouad Mod Whatsapp APK the Latest Version For Android

  • Wait a little bit.

Download Fouad Mod Whatsapp APK the Latest Version For Android

  • “Open” FM WhatsApp App.
  • Click “Agre And Continue“.

Download Fouad Mod Whatsapp APK the Latest Version For Android

  • Choose the “Country“. Then verification “Phone Number“.

Download Fouad Mod Whatsapp APK the Latest Version For Android

  • Choose “Photo” and “Name“, then click “Next“.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully done download Fouad WhatsApp.
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Now you can download FMWhatsApp Apk easily and with one click. Where FMWhatsApp 2020 is one of the best modified WhatsApp apps. Also, the App has been developed and updated to suit everyone. Besides improving chat and call functions. FM WhatsApp Apk has an anti-ban feature. Besides the ability to control chatting, calls, and groups. In addition to colors, screen, font style, and others. Also, you can send multiple images with one click. Besides sending the video in large size. Also, Fouad WhatsApp has many shading options and many other features. In addition to more new additions that we mentioned above. Also, we provided a direct FMWhatsApp download link without windows. Besides how to install easily. You can share your opinion with us in the comments.

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