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vlc trick
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This is a VLC trick which is not known to many.

If you ever wish to watch a Hollywood movie or TV show with subtitles, many of us search for the subtitle on the internet, download it and finally rename it as the video file or drag it over the player to get it working. Such a task, right?

So here’s a trick to simplify the above process.

We can use VLC player to download subtitles for movies and TV shows. This is how it’s done.

1) Open the movie/TV show you wish to watch and download subtitle for in VLC.

vlc trick


2) Next, once the VLC window appears go to the ‘View’ menu and select ‘Download Subtitles’ option.

3) A new window appears as follows. Here we have 2 options. Either you can ‘search by hash’ or ‘search by name’. I would suggest you to use ‘search by hash’ first to find the best subtitle match for your video file. If ‘search by hash’ fails use ‘search by name’.

vlc trick


4) After clicking on either of these 2 options. A list of subtitles is populated and displayed in the window. (Here only a single subtitle file is displayed but you may see lot of subtitles depending on your video file.)

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vlc trick


5) Select any one of the items from the populated list of subtitles and click on ‘Download selection’ to download the subtitle file. You will then see a download progress bar and once that is done ‘Success: Subtitles loaded’ message will appear at the bottom of the window. What this does is, downloads the subtitle file for you in the video directory, renames it and automatically adds it in VLC thus saving you a lot of efforts.

vlc trick


6) Enjoy your movie/TV show with subtitles!

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