Private Proxy: The Ultimate Guide

Private Proxy the Ultimate Guide
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You have decided to upgrade your business digital strategy. How else but to invest in a private proxy for a wider reach! After a careful analysis of the pros and cons, you feel that your answer lies in a proxy that only your business can access. Visit oxylabs, one of the best providers of web scraping services, blog for more information on this and other related topics!

When you use a private proxy, it guarantees you peace of mind since only one user can access it at a time. Without a doubt, you need to know as much as possible about this online resource. Let us delve into that right away.

Private proxy: what’s different?

A proxy server diverts every request coming from an external user. When a remote user uses the internet, the proxy hides your company’s location and identity from him. The proxy also scrutinizes data from that user for validity, and once validated, the proxy allows it to access your website.

You notice the benefits implied in that kind of a set up for your business. However, some risks lie there. For one, some unscrupulous users lurk online tracking your activities seeking to steal your business data and identity.

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A private proxy secures your online activity by eliminating the presence of other users. With it, only one user can access the server at a time.

Uses of a private proxy

Before choosing a private proxy, you should decide what purpose you intend to serve your company. Private proxies serve these crucial functions that can improve your business tremendously:

Promoting on classified ads sites

Some ad sites like Craigslist have millions of viewers. If you want to promote your business abroad you need to access such websites without flagging.

Web scraping

Private proxies prevent your IP address from being banned during the data mining process. The proxy masks your IP address. It also avails an assortment of IP addresses to your business that you can interchange to avoid detection by websites for sending numerous requests.


Some websites remain censored for some countries. If the location of your business qualifies it for such restriction, a private proxy will connect you to the inaccessible site by allocating you an IP address from a country that’s not restricted by such websites.

SEO ranking

When you want your business to go global, you can scrap data from online market sites like Craigslist and Amazon that host many brands. Your competition would never allow you to scrap their sites for product research and keyword running.

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You secretly track products’ performance and track keywords ranks hiding your business behind a private proxy. With such data, you can compile a list of power keywords for your SEO goals and digital marketing strategies for your company.

Social media automation

With a private proxy, you can create multiple accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Your proxy provider should provide extra tools for your business to automate social media functions. Exploit private proxies to watch videos for you, download stuff for you, and even leave comments on your behalf.

You can promote your business online by attracting a large following. Some platforms like Twitter do not allow the creation of multiple accounts. A private proxy will generate several identities to help you create many accounts on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Reddit and avoid algorithm flagging.

Online security

Private proxies shield you from companies that seek your personal or business data for nefarious use. Such companies gather information about the physical location of your business, contact details and nature of transactions. They then sell that information to other users.

In the end, you find yourself inundated with cold sales calls and junk mail. Such a scenario exposes your business to hackers who can open accounts in your name. They can also use your information to carry out financial instructions in the name of your business.

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You become a victim of phishing and eventually use your identity for illegal activities that taint the image of companies.

Private proxies protect you from hackers who install keyloggers in unprotected devices to record what the user types.


With a private proxy, only one user can use the proxy at a time. This eliminates the lagging of the search engine that happens when you have numerous users on a server. The benefits to your business from that abound. You can harvest node data, conduct keyword analysis and research, and build backlinks in real-time.

What to consider when selecting a private proxy

  1. Test the proxy to confirm its strength and scope of coverage
  2. Get a reliable provider
  3. Scrutinize past reviews, ratings, and testimonies of other users
  4. The speed of uploading and downloading
  5. The number of servers on the proxy

In conclusion, the specifications of a private proxy depend on what your business wishes to achieve through it. Invest in one to ease the management of your business and protect your company’s online activities.

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