What is GB Whatsapp and How to Use it on Android Phones?

What is GB Whatsapp and How to Use it on Android Phones
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The GB WhatsApp app helps create and run an account on an Android phone. The GB WhatsApp is easily installed. The GB WhatsApp download with the new version is available on our website. Users have an Android device, and GB WhatsApp is the best choice. Suppose you want to use two GBWhatsApp Apk accounts on one device. Many exciting features are available. GB WhatsApp app in which you can hide your last look, second tick, online status, and more.

What is GB WhatsApp?

The GB WhatsApp is the most popular edited version of WhatsApp. It has a million downloads though Google is not on the Play Store. Its users like to use the app with grace. The additional highlighting features are increasing the application. Its use and installation process is straightforward and fast.

Main Features:

● The application will support the calling feature.

● Send a video of 30MB instead of 16 MB.

● You can change tickets, and bubbles styling Mode, according to your choice.

● You can send a link to the common WhatsApp groups publicly.

● Send 90 photos together instead of ten.

● You can hide your last look.

● You can send up to six hundred people instead of 250 people.

● Disable calls for specific contacts.

● There is a mode of privacy as you can hide the second tick.

● In this, you can also make video calls.

● There is also an option to find proof of a ban, and your account is not a problem.

● You can send GIF pictures.

● You will find a selfie flash that has been added to this app.

● You can send yourself a message to save the notes.

● Message schedule and auto-replay options are added with a UI design.

● The camera tab updates UI.

● Online and offline dot and Blue Tick is added to the group’s response.

● Increase the message time by 100 days.

● Sound notes as a story.

● New options attached to the entry style are added.

● Backup in the zip file.

● The size of the app is reduced to 33MB.

● Post options are added for stories.

● Fingerprint user interface.

● Dark Mode for the app.

Key Features:

● Preview photos and videos without saving phone numbers.

● The group admin indicator option is added

● Re-design Pin and Pattern Lock.

● Download emojis from Uttings

● Added a new drawing pen.

● The new text status and the new status privacy design UI are introduced to the UI.

● Customs font option.

● The option is added to hide the camera icon from the top bar.

● See the story of home contact.

● See the status of the contact.

● Send a title with a document for all.

● The message box included a direct translation icon.

● Disable the added option for direct translation.

● Show notifications for blocked calls.

● You can leave groups secretly.

● Filter non-read messages using the search option.

● The option is added to disable the double tap.

● Status quick reaction.

● The call-rejecting type feature is added.

● Users verification option is added before sending the status.

● Add new privacy settings for the last look and profile picture

● Custom double tab emoji for chats.

● Now you can change the missing messages options to 24 hours, 7 days, and 90 days.


● Group admin indicators.

● Double tap to like a message.

● Listen to the voice notes in the background after getting out of the chat.

● You can see all messages sent through specific contacts in a group.

● Copy caption option is available for media.

● Now you can use emojis for profile photos.

● The voice note recording was included and resumed feature.

● A new gallery option is included that is used to remove the media.

● Scroll to the Status View toast, down and up button, translate into the app, count the total message look, and other features.

How to use it and install GBWhatsApp on android phones?

● The following are steps to install GB WhatsApp on your Android Phone:

● Go to settings on your Android Phone. Then go to the security settings and check the option of unknown sources. Your Phone and personal data are at greater risk of attacking by apps from unknown sources. Allow these sources.

● Press the download link available on our site. Wait a few seconds.

● And go to file manager and click install.

● After installing the GBWhatsApp app,

● Then enter your phone number.

● It will seek confirmation of your phone number with a password.

● Enter the OTP received and submit.

● Now you are ready to enjoy the latest feature of this moded version of WhatsApp on your mobile.


Can I get backup data if I want to back it up?

Of course, you can quickly get your WhatsApp backup.

Is the GB WhatsApp app safe?

Yes, it is safe and secure. I’ve been using this app for my business purposes many times and never had problems with using this application. I hope you enjoy the features safely.

The GB WhatsApp account is banned, or any privacy issue?

No, this is the total secure app you must use to overcome your personal privacy choice.


The GB WhatsApp app WhatsApp is a very demanding and popular mood. GB WhatsApp gives many features and functions unavailable in the official WhatsApp. It lets users find many features, such as privacy options, themes, auto-replay, and fonts.

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