University of phoenix login Portal For Students [Guide]

University of phoenix login Portal For Students [Guide]

University of Phoenix Login: the University of Phoenix is ​​a profitable educational institution that relies on open admission policies. Also, the University of Phoenix was established in mid-1976 and is one of the best profit universities in the United States of America. Located in the state of Arizona in the city of Phoenix.”GUS” university of Phoenix has more than 400,000 students and more than 10,000 employees worldwide. Entry to the University of Phoenix requires that students applying to enroll in the university have a high school diploma “GED”. Also, certificates equivalent to GED are accepted.

University of Phoenix awards degrees in more than 110 programs. and these programs include medicine, engineering, business administration, accounting, biology, and others. Also, the University of Phoenix offers doctoral and master’s programmers. The University of Phoenix is ​​one of the universities that has many campuses around the world, exceeding 115 campuses.

The University of Phoenix campus offers many services. Additional programs, and student social centers as well. Through the Internet, students can obtain references to academic subjects and e-books. Whereas, at the beginning of the year 2007, the first social center for students was established in Texas in Dallas. Which includes textbooks, an electronic library, and other auxiliary materials.

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The Most Prominent Graduates From the University Of Phoenix.

  • “Michael Russell”.
  • “Mary Peters”.
  • “Kirkland H. Donald”.
  • “Lisa Leslie”.
  • “Howard A. Schmidt”.
  • “Larry Fitzgerald”.

Some of the Benefits And Advantages Of the University Of Phoenix.

The University of Phoenix has many advantages and benefits, whether for students or university employees. From northern health insurance to all students and even paid vacations to employees. We will get to know together most important benefits and advantages of the University of Phoenix.

  • Firstly comprehensive health insurance for all students and workers at the University of Phoenix. In addition to life insurance.
  • Second work remotely or work from home for online students.
  • The third University of Phoenix provides paid vacations to university employees. For example sick vacations, or official vacations or other.
  • Fourthly one of the most important benefits that distinguish the University of Phoenix Login from the rest of universities. Whether in the United States of America or any other university around the world. Are prices of tuition fees appropriate for all students.
  • The fifth ability of all students through the eCampus portal to verify some inquiries such as course dates and student attendance.
  • On the other hand, students anywhere can take advantage of the electronic course materials, which include question papers, textbooks, and other studies.
  • Ease of submitting documents to university, ease of logging into the University of Phoenix, as well as ease of registering on campus.
  • The ability of individuals working at the University of Phoenix to obtain details of the workshops and classrooms that they missed.
  • And finally, The University of Phoenix supports recreational areas for students and employees at university. Through annual cultural and exploratory trips on some of landmarks and places. These landmarks have to do with the curriculum to educate students and easily access the ideas to them.
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Registration and login into the campus.

Registration and login process will be divided into two parts. To facilitate an explanation of the registration process follows below.

How to register into the eCampus of the Phoenix University.

  1. Go
  2. In the first field, type username and it should be 6 to 20 characters. Students cannot use PIN or Social Security number.
  3. In the second field, choose and type your password. It must be a strong password with symbols and numbers to secure your account.
  4. Retype your password that entered in the previous password field.
  5.  The student must specify his birth date correctly.
  6. Now type your email address.
  7. Enter your Record Number(IRN). Which is a number that was created automatically by the university system upon admission. Whether it is a student or a faculty member, and it consists of 5 to 10 numbers.
  8. Click “Register”.

How to login to eCampus of the Phoenix University.

  1. Go to:
  2. In the first field, type your username.
  3. In the second field, type your password.
  4. Click “Login”.

How to recover a password or username in your eCampus account.

In case that student’s password, username, or both are lost, then the way to recover your data will be the same. For example hen you go to the login page you will find 3 options. The first option “I forget my username”. The second option “I forget my password”. Finally option “I forget my username and password”. If you lose any of these options, continue with us to recover your data.

  • Enter your first name.
  • Secondly, enter your last name
  • Here you must write your birth date
  • Then students or faculty members must write the last 4 digits of (Social Security Number) “SSN”.
  • Click continue.
  • Type your new password or your new username.
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Finally, after completing the previous steps, you will be directed directly to another page. Follow instructions and you will receive a link to change your username or password.

Support and contact information of the Phoenix University.

Now if you have any questions or questions about the University of Phoenix, campus. If you have any other inquiries or questions about the University of Phoenix. Then you can call this number +1877 832 4867 and your problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
  • Home page:
  • Address: “4035 S Riverpoint Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85040”.

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