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Nowadays, YouTube is the best website for videos on the internet. You can use YouTube to activate watching different videos about everything. Some people are also using YouTube for learning from videos on it about different subjects. You can use searching and getting any different kinds of videos on this amazing video website. YouTube has different kinds of video content available for users like sports, education, movies, cartoon and so on. So, you can make on your devices such as Roku, smart TVs, Kodi, PlayStation, and Xbox. You are able to connect your device easily with YouTube in a few minutes.


To activate YouTube by using that requires steps you should follow to get tv in your devices. You should get the code that showed on your devices to make a connection between YouTube and your device. But, it may be a hard thing for some users especially, the instructions and guidelines showed on your devices screen are not clear. Some people don’t know how to by getting the code and where they should enter it to activate their devices. However, don’t worry about this issue. In this essay, I will explain in details how to activate YouTube in your devices in a very simple way. Watching videos on a large screen is a very enjoyable thing. You can also access 4K videos on your devices on You feel without any instructions it is a very hard thing, but you can activate it in a few minutes by following the steps written below.

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Youtube App Download For Android & iOS

[appbox googleplay] [appbox appstore id544007664]

How to Activate your YouTube account with Smart TV (Video)

getting on your devices

How to get on Roku?

You should follow these steps to get Tv on your Roku device easily. Now, you can watch online videos on your TV screen if YouTube will be activated on the device. Please follow the instructions below to get the activation on your Roku.

  • The first step is you should connect your TV with your Roku device.
  • After that, you have to sign in to your Roku account and make sure that you have a connection with your Wi-Fi.
  • Then, click on the Home button, and move to the Home Screen. After that, choose the Channel Store and then click OK from your device’s remote.
  • Then choose YouTube and then click Ok and you will find Add Channel, choose it and click OK.
  • After that, you should go to YouTube settings on the left of the screen. Then you should sign in to your YouTube account with your Gmail. Now you have got An 8 digit code is given by Roku. Copy it down. Go to from your mobile
  • After that complete the Google information and sign in. and enter the 8 digit code. Finally, press on (allows access).
  • How to activate YouTube in Your PlayStation?
  • To activate YouTube on your PlayStation you should follow the steps below. You just want to do it open the app, and get the 8 digit code and enter it in your PlayStation.
  • First, you should download the app from the PlayStation Store.
  • Then open the app, and press on settings then choose sign-in by pressing X on your control tool.
  • After that, you will receive 8 digits activation code on your screen.
  • Use your phone and visit
  • Then, you should Sign-in to your Google account by Gmail, and enter the code that you received and press on (Next).
  • Finally, Log in with your YouTube account press on (allow access).
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How to get Tv on your smart TV?

Any smart TV has a YouTube app; to activate YouTube on your smart TV is not hard. However, you should check if your smart TV supports YouTube or not because some TVs don’t support YouTube.

  •  First, step is you should open the YouTube app from your Smart TV.
  • You should also click on the Settings and then you must sign in to your YouTube account. You should enter an 8 digit code you have received.
  • From your mobile go to, enter your information on Google and sign in.
  • Finally, copy the 8 digits code that YouTube sends to you and click on continue and press on (allow access).

How to get in your Kodi?

  • The steps are the same as above, but it differs in something.
  • At first, you should go to the Settings and choose the Add-ons choice.
  • Later, you should choose (install) from (Repository) and choose (Get Add-ons) and then choose (the Video Add-ons).
  • After that, you should select YouTube and set up it in your Kodi.
  • Then, if the installing completed, you should go to the videos and choose (Add-ons).
  • Later, go to YouTube and choose the Sign-in choice
  • Then, you should now visit on your mobile
  • Finally, enter your Google account, then enter the code you received, and choose (allow access).
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How to get Tv in your Xbox?

To get Tv activated, you should download the YouTube app. You should sign-in to your Google account for the first time. You should follow the steps below to know how to get on your Xbox.

  • First, you should move on settings and then press on sign-in by pressing on X in your control tool.
  • Then, the activation code will be showed on the TV screen
  • After that, go to on your mobile or any other devices that you have.
  • Then, use your Google account, and enter the 8 digit activation code that showed on your screen and press (Next).
  • Finally, you should choose (allow access), and enjoy watching videos on YouTube on your Xbox.


In conclusion, I described how to activate from the steps above on these devices Roku, smart TVs, Kodi, PlayStation, and Xbox. I hope this essay benefited you in solving your YouTube activate problem. So, may these steps different according to the model of devices you use but it is not totally different. I think by this essay, you are now able to activate YouTube easily. However, as I said above you should make sure that your device should support for YouTube app. Now I will leave you to enjoy watching YouTube in your devices.

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