How to Fix iTunes Doesn’t Recognize My iPhone, iPad on PC & Mac

How to Fix iTunes Doesn't Recognize My iPhone, iPad on PC & Mac
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Are you having trouble discovering your iPhone on iTunes? Do you suffer from iTunes Won’t Detect iPhone problem? Are you looking for the best solution to fix iTunes Doesn’t Recognize iPhone? Then follow with us the following explanation and you will get all the necessary details. As we will offer you the best final solution to the iTunes Won’t discovering iPhone problem. And that most of the issue users suffer from sometimes. Although the solution steps are very simple and without any effort. And we helped many other users get rid of this mess for good.

Where this problem is primarily a software problem. In addition to some settings and permissions that need to be adjusted. Where if you are using iPhone 9,10,11,12,13 and want to connect your device to your Mac or Windows PC. Then you find the error iTunes Doesn’t Recognize iPhone in front of you. Then you feel very frustrated by this problem. But not anymore. Often the solution to the problem is to check the Lightning cable and the USB cable. In addition to some updates. Besides some other routine steps. Which will help you to solve your problem for sure.

Based on that, today we will provide you with the best solution to the iTunes Won’t Detect iPhone problem. In addition to how to fix iTunes Doesn’t Recognize iPhone problem on Mac. Also, we will provide you with steps to solve iTunes Doesn’t Recognize iPhone on Windows. Also, the solution is not limited to iPhones only. But you can try the following steps for iPad, iPod, and other versions of iOS. As the solution method is compatible with all devices. And it will get rid of your problem in the shortest time. So follow us below for more details.

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How to Fix iTunes Won’t Detect iPhone

Why iTunes Doesn’t Recognize My iPhone?

The causes of the iTunes Won’t Detect iPhone problem differ from one device to another and from one version to another. Sometimes the problem is due to the connection cables. Besides, sometimes it is due to a bug in the system or the software. Also, the error is not limited to a problem with your phone. But it is possible that the problem is with the device you are trying to connect your iPhone to. Whether you are using a Mac or a Windows PC. Then you may find some obstacles that make iTunes problem.

In addition, the Lightning port and extension are some of the most important reasons for this problem. Therefore, you must check the Lightning Cable and try to find any bugs, damage, or debris. Where these particles lead to the occurrence of greater obstacles. Therefore, you should check the Lightning cable well before solving the problem. Also, your USB cable may be the main cause of this problem. So if you’re using a cable that’s not officially Apple. Then you may find some faults or damage over time.

As the USB cable is one of the main causes of the “iTunes Won’t Detect iPhone” problem. Therefore, you must make sure that your Lightning & USB cable is 100% intact. Before moving on to the steps in the software and settings. As it may be the cause of this problem is the update. That is, your phone may need some updates to overcome this obstacle. Besides, your Mac or Windows device might need an update as well. So follow us below to find out more other information.

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How to Fix iTunes Doesn’t Recognize iPhone for Mac

  • First, make sure that your iPhone or iPad is unlocked.
  • After that, choose System Report or System Information.
  • In the menu on the left, you will choose USB.
  • If you see your device within the USB tree.
  • Then your iOS device should be updated to the latest version.
  • If you don’t find your device in the USB list.
  • Then you need help from Apple’s supports.

How to Fix iTunes Doesn’t Recognize iPhone for PC Windows

  • Shut down your Windows PC.
  • Unlock your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
  • Go to the home screen. After that, reconnect your phone.
  • If iTunes unlock, close it.
  • Press the “Windows” and “R” buttons on the keyboard.
  • Then look at the run on the next command.
  • (% ProgramFiles% \ Common Files \ Apple \ Mobile Device Support \ Drivers)
  • After that, click “OK” and restart your device.
  • Now you can restart your iPhone and unlock iTunes.

Best 5 Way to Fix iTunes Doesn’t Recognize iPhone & iPad 2021

Best 5 Way to Fix iTunes Doesn't Recognize iPhone & iPad 2021

Open Your iOS Device on the Home Screen

Try to unlock your iPhone on the Home screen. After that, you can open iTunes. Where this step may help you get rid of the annoying iTunes Won’t Detect iPhone problem. So try to convert your device and try again.

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Update the Software System

Like many other problems, we face in iPhone. That will disappear automatically once we update the device. Therefore, it is recommended to completely update the software system. As it will help you get rid of the problem in the fastest time.

Download the Latest Version of iTunes

Also, the bug may be caused by iTunes himself. Therefore, you will update iTunes and download the latest version. Where this step will help you a lot in bypassing the iTunes Doesn’t Recognize iPhone problem.

Uninstall the Security Software

Mostly, security programs such as Avast and Antivirus. And that imposes some obligations in downloading and installing programs. Also, it may be the cause of the problem. So, uninstall the security software temporarily to solve your problem.

Check USB and Lightning Cables

Also one of the most common reasons about iTunes Won’t Detect the iPhone problem. It is a damaged USB cable or Lightning. Therefore, the cables must be carefully checked and any malfunctions repaired. Or you can use another cable to help you solve your problem.


Now you can get rid of the most annoying iPhone problems. Where we have provided the best solution to the iTunes Doesn’t Recognize iPhone problem. Which suffers from many users of iPhone and iPad. Also, we explained how to solve the iTunes Won’t Detect iPhone problem on Mac, PC Windows. In addition to explaining the steps to solve the problem of iTunes simply and easily. And without any effort or uploading external files. Follow the steps above and get rid of the problem now. Also, shared comment below about your opinion.

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