How to Fix My Phone Keep Turning Off for iPhone & Android

How to Fix My Phone Keep Turning Off for iPhone & Android
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Why My Phone Keep Turning Off? It is one of the most common problems that smartphone users face. Where that the effect of this problem does not stop on Android or iPhone only. But the problem of Auto Restarting phones suffered by iOS and Android users. Where while running a specific App or using and browsing the web or entering a specific game. Then you find your device has restarted itself.

You will definitely feel very upset about this happening. Or perhaps you think that the problem is more serious than necessary. Although the steps to Repair My Phone Keeps Shutting Off are very simple and easy. Also, you will not need a technician to fix the problem. Besides, you are not obligated to download any external file or pay any money. But before we start Solving My iPhone Keeps Restarting Problem.

You must first know some of the Most Important Causes My Phone Keep Turning Off. As the main and most common cause is the battery. Where there is a possibility that the battery settings need to be modified or updated. Or that the battery is weak and needs charging. Also, when you leave your phone on the charger for more than necessary, it may lead to this problem. In addition to other problems that may be not good.

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Besides many other reasons for the Auto-Restart of your iPhone. Which we will mention below in detail. In addition, we will provide you with the Best Solution on How to Fix Why My Phone Keep Turning Off. In addition to explaining the most important reasons for this recurring problem. So follow us below to know the causes and the Final Solution to a My iPhone Keep Turning Off Problem.

How to Fix My Phone Keep Turning Off for Android

Why Does My Phone Keep Shutting Off

One of the most common reasons that cause my phone keeps turning off happen is the battery. Where the factors and causes that lead to this problem differ. Except for the battery, which is the main cause of the My Phone Keep Turning Off problem. Therefore, the market checks the battery settings and makes sure that all options are set in a real way. As there may have been a change in the battery settings.

Which caused the problem of an automatic restart. If there is no problem with the battery settings. Then you will check and reset the phone settings. In addition to updating your iOS version to the latest version. In addition to updating the Android version as well if you use Oppo, Samsung, or others. However, there are some other factors that cause My Phone to Keep Turning Off trouble.

Whereas, unsupported apps and unreliable games. In addition to device updates and data, one of the main causes of this error. Where if you have an App and it carries some corrupted files or viruses. Then you can definitely cause the My iPhone Keeps Shutting Off problem. Therefore it is always advisable to update the apps or use a cleaner App. Also if you use a game from untrusted third parties and carry any malware.

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Then this is also one of the most common causes of the iPhone Keeps restarting problem. Therefore, avoid downloading unsupported games or downloading the game from the official website. After you know some of the causes of the problem, your phone will restart automatically. Then follow us below to find out the solution steps.

How to Fix Why My Phone Keep Turning Off for iPhone & iPad

How to Fix Why My Phone Keep Turning Off for iPhone & iPad
Put Your iPhone in DFU Mode

The first step you will take is to put your phone on DFU mode. Where DFU is one of the best steps that will contribute to solving the problem. Many users have also tried this step, and it has already succeeded. So if you want to know how to put my iPhone on DFU mode then click here.

Update iOS to the Latest Version

After completing the previous step. Then you will update the iOS to the latest version. This step helps to re-read files and data on your iPhone. And if there is any problem in the battery settings, it will be solved. So, update the iOS to your phone to its latest version.

Repair Options and Exploring Your iPhone

Another good solution is to explore options to repair your device via the App Store. As it is considered one of the best solutions that you can try now. Also, it will help you a lot in getting rid of the iPhone Restart Problem forever. So you can explore the repair options.

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Reset Your iPhone

If your phone contains any harmful files that may cause damage to the phone data. Also if your phone contains any viruses or corrupted files. Then the phone data should be cleaned completely. Then reset your iPhone. Which is one of the most efficient ways to fix the My iPhone Keep Turning Off problem.

Check Battery Settings and Update Apps

Finally, you can check the battery settings of your device. Where the battery is one of the first causes of the My Phone Keep Turning Off problem, as we explained above. Also, you can update apps and games to avoid any redundant or unwanted files.

Other Way to Fix My Phone Keeps Turning Off

Click here to be able to go to the solution page. So you can fix the problem easily and in simple steps.


Now you can solve the problem of My Phone Keep Turning Off for iPhone 2021. Besides the ability to solve the problem of My Phone Keeps Shutting Off for Android. As we have provided the best way to solve the My iPhone Keeps restarting problem. In addition to the most important reasons that lead to this frequent error. Which is experienced by many iPhone and Android users. Also, we explained the steps to fix the Turning Off error easily. Without the need to download an external file. Even you will not need to jailbreak your iPhone. Share a small comment about your opinion below.

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