How to Fix the Problem Of My Phone Says no Service For iPhone, Android

How to Fix the Problem Of My Phone Says no Service For iPhone & Android
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How to Fix the Problem of My Phone Says No Service for iPhone & Android. The steps to solve a No Service issue differ from one system to another. In addition to how the problem affects the performance of your phone. Where you cannot connect to the Internet sometimes and encounter a “No Service” message. Except for being connected to a Wi-Fi network. Besides not being able to send text messages from your phone.

In addition to the effect on making and receiving calls on your device. These are the frequent problems caused by the My Phone Says No Service error. Also, you may find a relatively slow performance of your phone. In addition to the inability to enter some Apps and Games. Where the problem may adversely affect iOS and Android data, which includes Oppo and Samsung. So what is the real and sure solution to the My Phone Says No Service problem? The steps to fix the problem are very simple.

Without any effort or downloading external files. As you will perform routine steps from some settings in your device. Also, you will not have to jailbreak your device if to fix the No Service problem for iPhone. Besides, you will not root your phone to fix the No Service problem for Android. So follow us below to find out how to fix the No Service Message to iPhone and Android. Also, all steps include Samsung, iPhone 7, and Oppo phones. So follow us below for more other details.

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Why My Phone Says No Service

If Your Phone Says No Service. Then the problem is mostly due to your cell phone plan. In addition to some programs or it may be a problem with the device. Besides, the “No Service” message suffers from it the iPhone u& Android users. Where the use of the Internet is limited to the Wi-Fi network only. Besides problems of unable to send and receiving messages and calls. In addition to some other annoying problems.

So you will reset some options and settings. Which will help you fix the problem of My Phone Says No Service quickly. Also, there must be a protection App for your phone. In order to be able to delete files and malware. In addition to other unwanted files. Which takes up an area the size of the random access card (RAM). Which is one of the most important causes of the No Service problem for iOS and Android.

Also, you can delete apps or games that you do not use from your phone. Which takes up a large area of ​​the total phone scan size. Also, resetting the network settings will greatly help you solve your problem. In addition to some other simple steps. Which we will mention below in detail. Based on that, follow the steps to solve the error of My Phone Says No Service. For iPhone and Android 2021 at the bottom. In addition to more details and other necessary information.

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Fix the Problem Of My Phone Says no Service For iPhone & Android 2021

Fix the Problem Of My Phone Says no Service For iPhone & Android 2021

How to fix No Service Error for iPhone?

Update Your iPhone Device

One of the most important steps that you will start with fix My Phone Says no Service problem is updating your phone. Where you can update the phone to fix many problems. In addition to getting rid of all unwanted files. So update your iPhone.

Update the Carrier Settings

In case you can connect to a nearby Wi-Fi network. Then you can update Carrier settings. Which is able to fix many problems in iPhone. In addition to another comprehensive repair. Which will definitely help you get rid of the problem of no service.

Check Cellular Settings

Also, you will check your device’s cellular settings. Where you can modify and change some settings. Which will correct the error without any effort

  • Go to “Settings“.
  • Then the “Cellular Settings“.
  • Make sure that cellular data is “On“.

Reset Network Settings

If you have trouble connecting to the Internet. Or you are suffering from a problem connecting to the Wi-Fi network. Then you can reset the network settings. It will help you get rid of data from other networks. Then you can connect to the Wi-Fi network again.

How to fix My Phone Say no Service for Android?

How to fix My Phone Say no Service for Android?

Change Airplane Mode

The first step to fix the problem of My Phone Says no Service for Android. Is to change phone mode. Where you can check your phone’s mode and airplane mode. In addition to contacting the service provider manually. In addition to enabling the Airplane Mode and then shutting it off and restarting your phone.

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Restart Your Android Device

If you can take any activation step before restarting your device. Then it would be very good to solve My Phone Says no Service. Restarting your device is the simplest solution that you can do when facing the No Service problem. So try to reseat the SIM card and then turn on your phone again.

Try to Run the Ping Test

Another reason that creates No Service problem. You may be auto connected to a deactivated cellular radio signal. So you will call this code from your phone. Which will help you to run the Ping test and solve the problem.

Select Network Operators Manually

Also, it is another effective solution. Which met with great success with many users. Is Network Operators. Where you can check the network driver and select it manually. As it will help you a lot in getting rid of the No service message. So Select Network Operators Manually and try again.


Do you suffer from trouble connecting to the Internet? Are you having trouble making calls or connecting to Wi-Fi networks? Then you can get rid of this problem together. Where we provided the best solution to get rid of the No Service problem. Whether you are using iPhone or Android. All you have to do is follow the above-mentioned steps. And try to do the steps in order. So you can solve your problem as quickly as possible. You can share your opinion with us in a comment.

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