Best Way to Fix My iPhone Battery Draining Fast (100% Working)

Best Way to Fix My iPhone Battery Draining Fast (100% Working)
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How to Fix My iPhone Battery Draining Fast. Does your iPhone battery run out quickly? Do you notice unusually poor battery performance? Does your iPhone battery percentage decrease without using it? Then you can follow the explanation today until you know the answer to all these questions. Where we will provide you today with the most important reasons why My iPhone Battery Draining Fast.

In addition to the Solution to iPhone Battery Draining Fast. Which is one of the most common iOS and iPhone problems. As you are after minutes of removing the charger from your device. Then you will find a significant shortage of battery percentage. Although you did not use a phone. Or you did not use enough time to use all of this energy. So what is the solution? Before you know the solution steps.

You must first know what are the most important reasons for the iPhone Battery Draining Fast bug. Where it differs from one device to another and from one version to another. Although the method for fixing the plan is the same for all versions of the iPhone. Especially iPhone 6,7, and iPhone 8. In addition to Solving the Battery Problem in iOS 13 and iOS 14. Where you can use simple and very easy steps without any effort.

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In addition, you are not required to leave any money or go to a technician to solve the problem. Where you can follow the steps below and it will contribute to solving your problem in a short time. Based on that, today we will provide you with all the necessary information about the iPhone Battery Die Quickly problem. In addition to the best way to Fix My iPhone Battery Draining Fast.

How to Fix My iPhone Battery Draining Fast (Guide)

Why My iPhone Battery Draining Fast?

There are many, many causes related to battery issues. In addition to many other factors that are related to the program. Where it is possible that an iPhone Battery Die Quickly problem may occur as a result of the excessive tasks on your computer. Which leads to the battery discharging quickly in the iPhone. Such as notifications, Apps, settings, updates, and others. Besides, old or crashing apps are one of the most common reasons for battery problems.

Also, enabling many notifications, whether from apps or the web, may lead to this error. Also, update the App in the background and search for mail frequently. Besides opening many apps simultaneously is one of the most important reasons for iPhone Battery Draining Fast. So what is the appropriate solution to this problem? Which suffered by many users of iPhone and iOS. You will simply perform some easy and routine steps.

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By turning off some notifications. In addition to getting rid of unwanted applications and files. Also, you can update your iOS version. In order to give the opportunity to re-read the iPhone data. This will lead to Fix the Problem of My iPhone Battery Die Quickly in one step. Also, you can disable the network and location data if you are not using it. And other steps and other simple fixes. So follow us next to learn more.

How to Fix My iPhone Battery Draining Fast For iOS 13 & 14 and iPhones

How to Fix My iPhone Battery Draining Fast For iOS 13 & 14 and iPhones

Turn Off The Unnecessary Widgets

In the beginning, it will turn off all the tools that you are not using. These tools create new tasks that drain the energy from the battery. Which leads to the emergence of battery drain problems quickly. Therefore, you should turn off the tools that you do not use.

Make Sure to Enable Auto-Lock

Also, make sure that auto-lock is enabled on your device. If this option is not activated, it will cause your phone to remain unlocked until you manually switch it off. Therefore, it will drain the battery power quickly. Go to “Setting App” and then choose “Display & Brightness” after that to enable automatic locking.

Turn Off Unwanted Locations Services

Another reason that the iPhone battery drains quickly is location services. Also, it leads to more about the iPhone Battery Die Quickly problem. So go to “Settings” after that “Privacy”. Then select “Location Services” and turn it off. In order to get rid of the battery problem.

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Turn Off Background App Refresh

Also, another addition that consumes a large amount of energy is the iPhone battery. Is that the background application consumes a lot of energy. So it is better to go to the settings. After that, you stop updating the background App. As it will contribute a lot to solve the error.

Try to Push Mail

The last steps that you will take to solve the problem of My iPhone Battery Draining Fast. You will try to Push Mail. Which will help you get rid of this obstacle forever.

  • Go to “Settings“.
  • Then choose “Accounts and Passwords“.
  • Click “Fetch New Data“.
  • Choose every 15 minutes.
  • Now click on an “Individual Email Account“.
  • You can also change it via “Fetch“.


If you are facing any problem with your iPhone battery. Then you can get rid of this problem now. As we have provided the best way to fix iPhone Battery Draining Fast. In addition to an explanation of easy and simple steps to end the iPhone Battery Die Quickly problem. Also, we have presented the most important reasons for this problem. Besides the best solution and the best way to end the obstacle and restore the normal battery performance. You can share with us a comment below.

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