What Should I Do When My iPhone Won’t Turn On (100% Best Solution)

What Should I Do When My iPhone Won't Turn On (100% Best Solution)
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How to Fix the iPhone Won’t Turn On problem. If your device stops working suddenly or is unable to turn on or won’t startup. Then follow up with us on today’s topic in order to solve this problem. While we will provide you with the best steps to solve My iPhone Won’t Turn On problem. In addition to providing all the necessary details in order to get rid of this error. As soon as your phone turns off all of a sudden, a black screen appears. Then you begin to doubt a bigger problem than reality.

Where you might think that your screens are damaged. Or there is a big problem in the system that needs a technician. Besides, you may think of paying a lot of money to repair your iOS device. But mostly, the problem is much simpler than that. Sometimes the problem is related to the inability of your phone to respond. Or iPhone Won’t Start-Up. There is a slight defect in the performance of the battery or your phone needs to be charged. In addition to some other reasons that you can easily solve.

You just need a Mac or a Windows PC and you will be able to solve the problem easily. As you are not required to download any files or pay any cent. Also, you will not need much effort. Where the steps for solving an iPhone Won’t Turn On problem are very simple. Despite the multiplicity of causes and what leads to this problem. So if you want to know more details and why your phone is not a start-up. Then follow us below and you will know all the required information.

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The Best Way to Fix My iPhone Won’t Turn on (Guide)

Why My iPhone Won’t Turn On

Sometimes the cause of the iPhone Won’t Turn On problem is in the software. Also, there may be some other problems. Which includes the charger cable and battery. Using a damaged or unsupported charger cable can lead to the iPhone Won’t Start-Up problem. In addition, you must have the official charger from Apple. In order to avoid any problem related to the battery or the phone system. One of the main causes of this problem is that the battery is empty.

Meaning, you may have left your iPhone without charging for a long time. This may require more time for the battery to respond to a charge. Which is one of the most common mistakes about this problem. Where it is better that you do not leave your phone battery empty for a long time. Where this step may cause another error about battery and power. Also when you leave your device on the charger even after it is fully charged.

Also, this is among the most common reasons that cause iPhone Won’t Turn On problems. And Also, some liquids getting into your iOS device may cause such problems. Although Apple devices are often water-resistant. But for necessity, you must prevent any water or liquids from getting inside your phone. And other many reasons that may cause a problem with iPhone Won’t Start-Up. So, follow us below. In order to know the steps to solve the problem.

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What Should I Do When My iPhone Won’t Turn on?

What Should I Do When My iPhone Won’t Turn on?

Check the Charger and Cable

The first step you will take to solve this problem. You will check the cable and the charger. In order to make sure that there is no bug or damage. In addition to making sure that the charger is connected securely. Where these routine steps are one of the most important reasons for the iPhone not working. Also, it is preferable to use an official Apple cable and charger.

Try to Charge Your Battery

Another frequent reason is the My iPhone Won’t Turn On problem. You leave your phone on the charger even though the battery is fully charged with power. And this is one of the most common reasons why your phone suddenly stops working. Although it may start automatically again. However, do not leave your device on the charger for long periods. Besides, do not leave the battery empty for long periods as well.

Make Your Phone on DFU Mode

  • First, connect your iPhone to your Mac.
  • Then click and hold the “Home” button and the “Power” button.
  • In case you are using iPhone 8, you can use the volume button.
  • Hold the button for 10 seconds.
  • If the screen remains black.
  • Then your phone is in DUF mode.
  • Also, you can check that your device is detected in recovery mode.
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Reset Factory Settings & Make a Backup

  • First, connect your device to your Mac.
  • Then you will click on the “Finder” option.
  • Enter the passcode, then follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Choose to trust this device.
  • After the tab appears, click on “Backup Now“.

What Do I Do if My iPhone Won’t Start-Up

If you encounter this problem while restarting your iPhone. Then connect your phone to a Mac running macOS Mojave. Now you will open iTunes and locate your device on Mac. During these steps, you will continue to press and release the Volume Up and Down buttons. In addition to the power button, your phone will switch to recovery mode.


Do you suffer from the problem of freezing your iOS device? Is there a problem that made the iPhone Won’t Turn on? Do you see a black screen and your phone is unable to boot up? Then you came to the perfect solution here. As we have provided everything you need to solve a problem. In addition to simple and easy steps to fix My, iPhone Won’t Turn on a problem. Also, we explained some of the reasons that cause the problem of iPhone won’t startup. In addition to many other details. You can get rid of this problem now and write your opinion in a comment.

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