10 Free Google Tools for Business – That You Never Heard About

10 Free Google Tools for Business - That You Never Heard About
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Do you know how many search queries does Google process per second? More than 40,000! This translates to more than 3.5 billion search queries a day and more than 1.2 trillion search queries a year! It’s more of a reflex action now to open Google and make a few searches.

Whether you are looking for a new hair salon in town, a new eatery, a doctor, or anything in the world, Google is your consultant! We even consult Google when we want to buy or upgrade our internet package.

Being a Voc customer, I have done that often. Reading customer reviews and other details on Google helps a lot in choosing the right internet package.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Google is the Messiah of this modern age!

Can you find anyone in your circle who doesn’t use any of Google products? It’s hard to find one. We use Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, and other Google products because they make our life convenient and easy.

Google products are an essential part of our work and personal life. But have you given a thought to using Google for your business? Following are some incredibly effective business tools. Imagine these tools, making your business game as strong as your search queries in Google!

Try them!

Top 10 Free and Effective Google Tools for Your Business

  1. Google My Business
  2. Think with Google
  3. Google Mobile-Friendly Test
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Google Trends
  6. Google Alerts
  7. Google Search Console
  8. Google Forms
  9. Public Data Explorer
  10. Google Blogger
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Stay put to know the details!

Google My Business

We have just mentioned the gigantic number of searches on Google. And how people consult Google for everything that they need. Your business has to be on Google. And if it’s not discoverable on Google, you are depriving yourself of immense exposure and business opportunities. Google is a great facilitator. Therefore, it makes it easy and convenient for small business setups to list their businesses on various Google products. Some instances are the Google search engine, Google+, Google Maps, and so on. Try the free tool Google my Business. It conveniently allows the listing of local businesses. It’s a great opportunity for you to build a strong web presence for your business and generate tons of leads.

Think with Google

Businesses can never be successful unless you are unaware of your competitors and trending insights related to your business. Think with Google is a great enlightening tool. You can get your good share of useful articles, industry insights, research documents, infographics, case studies, industry leaders’ interviews and a lot more. It is a must-have for every business owner. The site is updated frequently and will always give you tons of useful content to improve your business on various fronts.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

We live in the age of smartphones. And that’s why mobile online usage has taken over the traditional desktop. Consider it an essential element for your business website to be easily accessible and readable on mobile devices. Mobile optimization and friendliness are one of the top ranking factors on Google now. You don’t want your site to rank poorly only because it is not easy to use on small screens. Therefore, make use of this handy and easy-to-use Google tool. It will scan your site and its working on a smartphone. It will also give you a preview of your business site and suggest a convenient checklist to fix the issues.

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Google Analytics

We all know that the ultimate goal of every business is to get more exposure and generate better leads. When it comes to free business tools by Google, Google Analytics is perhaps the best tool. It will tell you everything about your site visitors. It will give you helpful insights and you will improve your business. The data from Google Analytics may sound slightly technical. But you can understand it with the help of a web developer.

Google Trends

If your business doesn’t evolve, it can’t be successful. But determining these changes you need to make is important. You need to know the right descriptive terminologies and marketing language to use in your website copy and sales-related content. Google Trend is a great tool for you to monitor industry trends. You can easily evaluate the prevalence and popularity of certain terms, related keywords, how trending differs in different regions and languages, and so on. You can come up with better keyword suggestions then.

Google Alerts

You need to be updated about the latest developments in the taxation and accounting industry. You can rely on Google Alerts for this. This free tool sends you email alerts whenever there’s sharable news about any topic of your interest. You can stay ahead of your competitors and be more updated with this useful tool.

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Google Search Console

When it comes to analyzing traffic on your website, this search console gives you useful data. You can know the exact keywords, which people are using to get to your site and other highly useful information. It will also alert you if there are any actions taken manually against your website, which may affect your ranking.

Google Forms

People use Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets pretty often. But not many people are aware of this amazing tool. It is a simple, powerful, and efficient way to gather data while using online forms. You can use it to take short surveys, conduct interviews, maintain sales leads, gathering customer feedback, and a lot more.

Public Data Explorer

This incredible Google tool gives you public data as well as forecasts from a massive range of international academic institutions and organizations. They include OECD, The World Bank, the University of Denver, and Eurostat. This data is displayed as bar graphs, line graphs, maps, or cross-sectional plots.

Google Blogger

A great yet not much popular Google tool! While Google Blogger is famous among individuals but not in the businesses. You can use this impressive tool for your business and can write about your product updates and company news. For instance, you can write about internet package offered by Spectrum customer service. One of the essential pluses of using this tool for your business is that you’ll get better indexing and ranking in SERPs.

Good luck!

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