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5 ways to Find Out How Old Your Phone Is
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Unlocking the Mystery of Your Phone’s Age

Have you ever wondered how old your phone is? Of course, you can find out the age of the phone by looking at the date on which it was purchased. However, that doesn’t necessarily tell you how long ago it was manufactured or when certain features were added to the device. Here are 5 ways to help you uncover the mystery of your phone’s age.

5 ways to Find Out How Old Your Phone Is

Partial Serial Number Lookup


One way to determine your phone’s age is to do a partial serial number lookup. This will give you information about when and where your particular model was made. To do this, go to your phone’s settings and look for its serial number. Enter only the first 8 digits into a search engine to pull up information about where and when it was made and when it was sold.

IMEI Lookup

Your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) code contains more information than just a serial number lookup. It will provide you with even more details such as what network your device is connected to, its exact model name, and other useful information. You can find this code in your phone’s settings menu or by dialing *#06# on most phones. Once you have this code, enter it into an IMEI lookup service to get all the details about your device including its age and origin.

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Check for Software Updates

Another way to get an idea of how old your phone is would be to check for software updates from time to time. If there are no updates available then it could mean that no more major updates are being released for that specific model and therefore it might be an older device with limited capabilities compared with newer models in the market today. Additionally, if your device has not been receiving any updates in a while then it could be a sign that it has been replaced or discontinued by its manufacturer which means that its age could be higher than expected.

Examine Physical Features

If all else fails, you can always look at the physical features of your phone such as buttons, charging ports, etc., as these may indicate its approximate age compared with newer models in the market today. For example, if your device still has a headphone jack then chances are that it is an older model because most modern phones have done away with them completely in favor of wireless headphones or earbuds instead. Similarly, if it still has a micro USB port for charging then this too could indicate an older model since most new devices come with USB Type-C ports nowadays instead.

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Research Online Reviews

Online reviews from tech sites like CNET will often include information about when a particular device was released which can give you an indication of how old yours is in comparison. A quick glance through some online reviews should provide enough clues for you to ascertain whether yours is an older model or not.

Research Online Reviews


The answer to how old is my phone can be tricky but these 5 approaches should help narrow down its age range so that you can make informed decisions based on its capabilities compared with those offered by newer models in the market today. By knowing exactly how old our phones are, we can decide whether they need replacing soon or if they still offer enough features and performance levels suitable for our needs. In any case, knowing our phones’ ages gives us greater control over our digital lives!

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