Top 4 Brochure Design Trends for 2019

Top 4 Brochure Design Trends for 2019
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Brochures are one of the most popular direct marketing tools. They are a part of traditional advertising and have worked wonders for decades. All types of companies get brochures printed. Digital printers and offset printers now allow you to get brochures, visiting cards, posters, pamphlets, flex banners, etc. printed in no time. They are speedy and efficient pieces of technology that have made life simpler for both the advertisers as well the printing agencies.

Brochures were created with the intent of reaching bigger target audiences over large geographical areas. Brochures can be distributed through postal networks or newspaper distribution chains or given out by hand to the chosen target audience.

Brochures are meant to be compact and handy. But that doesn’t mean they do not contain all the necessary information. In fact, brochures are one of the few marketing tools where readers expect to find lots of data about the products or services on. For example, brochures of real estate projects contain the blueprint of the society, flats, details about amenities, government clearances and per sq. ft. the rate in them. A brochure for educational institutions has all the information about the course, fees, faculty, future job prospects and the accreditation of the college.

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In this blog, as an advertising agency in Pune, we would like to explore the latest trends in Brochure Design for 2019. Brochures play a big role in the advertising and marketing campaign of an organization; thus, brochure designs will play a big role in creating an effective brochure.

  • Bold Colors

Gone are the days when brochures were printed in either black and white, nowadays most of our clients prefer colorful brochures. The innovations in technology have allowed our graphic designers to create customized color schemes and use different hues of even primary colors like red or green.

According to the ad agencies, neon colors are the best way to create attractive colors. The youth especially prefer neon colors in everything from clothes to shoes. So, if your target audience happens to be youngsters then vibrant and bold colors will make your brochure effective immediately!

  • Out of The Box Shapes

Brochures were traditionally published in the standard dimensions of 8.5” X 14”. They were rectangular in shape and could be folded like an accordion. Another simple traditional brochure layout was a booklet layout. But the brochure design trend for 2019 is out of the box shapes.

Thanks to digital printers we can print brochures in different shapes and sizes. Brochure designers are going beyond the usual designs and using shapes like circle, square, triangle and hexagons. Some graphic designers have gone further and used the shapes of the products itself on the brochure. For example, if you are marketing a bike, then the brochure is in the shape of the bike!

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These shape choices define the whole brochure and make them stand out from the rest of the crowd without much effort.

  • Experimenting with Fonts

The choice of fonts on a brochure plays a major role in building the product up without being imposing. If one uses bold fonts throughout the brochure then they lose their importance and the reader will not regain anything he/she has read. If the fonts are too cursive or fancy then they become illegible. This defeats the whole purpose of a brochure.

The latest trend in brochure designs is experimenting with fonts. Brochure designers are introducing different fonts in one brochure. Some of them are bold, some resemble vintage handwriting and some are purely decorative. Different fonts are used for different sections. For example, the main headline is in a bold font, the details are in a simpler almost typewriter style font while the call to action is in a cursive calligraphy font. Now, this allows the reader to compartmentalize what they are ready and helps them remember the details.

  • The Rise of Minimalistic Designs

Minimalism is the keyword for this generation. One can see the rise of minimalism everywhere from home decor to clothes to brochure designs. Minimalism in brochure design means using a few design elements, pictures, and text to create an impactful brochure. One can observe that minimalistic designs have a lot of white space in them. The logic behind this trend is to remove the clutter of too many design elements and irrelevant information from the brochure. It allows graphic designers to build designs that are simple and highly effective.

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Other trends that are noteworthy in brochure designs include monochromatic designs, isometric graphics, using high-resolution stock pictures, line art and even doodling to capture the audience’s attention. We hope that these pointers will help you in creating a mind-blowing and visually stunning brochure for your product or service. In case you need assistance please get in touch with us, because we are one of the best ad agencies in Pune and we are always happy to help.

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