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BlackBerry bold price in USA
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Many people out there might think that blackberry has ceased to compete with other brands in the manufacture of better phones. Let it be clear that they are mistaken to assume so.There are several reasons why blackberry is still widely acclaimed and approved as a smart phone producer. There are three obvious reasons why it will not be a good decision to switch over to iphone or Samsung. Given these reasons, black smart phones are still heart throbbing phones for many users.

Well, the first and foremost reason is that majority of blackberry phones are featured with QWERTY keyboard which sits well with many users till today. They are always reluctant to switch over to touch screen. The physical keyboard is considered not only convenient but easy to operate as well.This is something that many loyal blackberry fans won’t give up at any cost.

Another significant reason is the indicator light as featured in the recent low Blackberry bold price in USA.Unlike many smart phones, the red light indication is a great feature for intimating users about incoming signals, messages or calls even. If you switch over to iphone or Samsung, it is something you will miss very much.If you have a blackberry model, you do not have to pull out and turn your phone on to receive notifications.

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As in low Blackberry bold price in USA, all smart phones by blackberry are featured with blackberry messenger. The BBM has been setting a new trend in the smart phones as this kind of app is not seen in other smart phones. Blackberry messenger is not only more reliable but also very secure for exchange of confidential information online. BBM is one of the first and foremost reasons to choose a blackberry smart phone. And it is loved by professionals and businessmen.

Following are three models from Blackberry bold price in USA. Given their features and affordable prices, these smart phones are loved for following specifications.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 White:

Released in May 2011, the phone is featured with QWERTY keyboard and track pad to operate the functions. The key features of the phone are 8 GB internal memory, 768 MB RAM, blackberry OS 7.0, 1.2 GHz and 5 mega pixels of back camera.On top of that, it can be bought at affordable price of 999 USD online.

BlackBerry Bold9700 black:

Released in October 2009, this blackberry bold model is featured with QWERTY keyboard and 2.44 inches screen along with track pad. This BlackBerry bold price in USAir 999 USD only. Moreover, other key features of the phone are two options of colors such as black and white;624 GHz of processor, blackberry operating system, 256 internal memory and 256 MB RAM, and light weight of 122 grams only.

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In the last but not the least, all of these bold models are good phones as they are offered at affordable prices hewn in good specs.So, buy BlackBerry bold price in USA and save several USD on each model!

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