the latest Chrome update according to Google’s release calendar 2018

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Google has issued Chrome 63 for Linux, Mac and Windows, and has added significant security enhancements for enterprises.

Get the latest version of Chrome with ease by relaunching your browser. Chrome is updated every six or seven weeks as it was last updated on Oct. 17, with version 63.Version 63 can be downloaded from the following link google site.

Chrome 63 includes improvements aimed at all users such as the Java Script Engine version 8. The new protection mode is more robust than Chrome’s current situation, according to Google. The new protection mode will increase the usage of Chrome memory by up to 20%.

Version 63 contains a site isolation feature where this feature can be enabled for all sites. Windows Group Policy Objects Can be set by administrators It is sent to Chrome users.

Google is not the only one to issue protection settings, but there is also Microsoft that spent time and money on these systems. The last move for Mirosoft was (Application Guard) in Windows.

The new policies can be used to prevent users from installing any additional functionality that can use the device’s microphone to capture audio or access the company’s printers. When you upgrade to the new version, a more powerful encryption standard will be activated which is the TLS 1.3 standard.

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Some of the future moves that Google intends to conduct tell users that Chrome 28 will come from July 22 to 28, 2018. Google will also run Chrome 72 in early 2019. The new upgrade will come from Chrome 64 users will reach from 21 to 27 January 2018 according to release calendar of google.


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