Creating Instagram Reels: Detailed Instructions and Tips

Creating Instagram Reels: Detailed Instructions and Tips
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Instagram reels videos have long been popular among users. They help you reach new audiences for free, get subscribers, and convert subscriptions into sales. In this tutorial, we break down how to create Instagram Reels and share some tips and tricks.

Today we want to tell you how to choose effects, find trending music and save a draft of your video.

What are Instagram Reels?

Reels are videos on Instagram that are up to one minute long. The network has its own section and feeds for Reels. You can like, forward, comment on, and, of course, publish them yourself. And you can edit them on the site itself or in external applications.

Instagram launched Reels in August 2020. You can buy insta likes from this website.

The function is reminiscent of TikTok. The Twitter Chinese platform was noted with an ironic tweet with the caption “It looks familiar”.

Developing video content is one of Instagram’s strategic goals. This kind of video contributes to the rapid growth of all major platforms.

How to Enter the Reels Editor

You can access the Reels Editor in several ways:

  • through the homepage of your profile by clicking on the + symbol in the upper right corner;
  • through the Reels ribbon by clicking on the camera symbol in the upper right corner;
  • through the Story Editor, which opens by swiping to the right in the main photo and video feed.
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In the latter case, you have to scroll to the right in the menu at the bottom; the Reels editor comes right after the Stories editor.

In all cases, the same editor opens, which is similar in functionality to the Stories editor. In it, you can:

  • select music from your Instagram library;
  • specify the duration of the video (up to 60 seconds);
  • select the video speed (slow down x3 and x5, acceleration x2 and x3);
  • select the collage format;
  • set a timer, which will indicate the time to the end of the clip when the video is shot.

It is important to note that you can also enable the timer for up to 60 seconds.

When recording reels, effects are available. These are the same filters and masks that can be found in stories. The “Effects” tab displays previously saved filters and trend filters. There are also filters that change the appearance of the character – for example, adding makeup or “coloring” the hair in different colors.

How to Choose a Cover for Reels

Reels can be published in the main feed with other photos and videos, or left only in the Reels feed. How to make this choice:

  • at the stage of publishing the video, click on the “Also share” button;
  • after publishing, click on the video, then select “Remove from profile”.
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In both the main feed and the Reels feed, users see the covers of the videos.

If you don’t fill in your cover art, the social network will choose a random frame of the video. This shot is rarely a good one.

You can select the cover art before you publish your video. This should be done in the menu when the option to make a caption appears, just as you do when posting regular posts.

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