4 Ways to Leverage Social Media to Make More Sales

4 Ways to Leverage Social Media to Make More Sales
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If only we could all use social networks exclusively to watch golden retriever puppies on an endless loop. Alas, the world of social media has changed since its inception, and today, there is not a single brand out there that can afford not to have a stellar, professional social presence. On one hand, business owners know just how valuable social networks are when it comes to raising brand awareness, so they do their best to make their presence known. They also learn about competitors from these platforms, and they strive to increase customer engagement.

On the other hand, have you thought of using social networks in order to boost your revenue and make more sales? This is one of the latest social media trends for businesses today. Such a mindset can help you turn social platforms into a revenue-boosting asset. Let’s go over a few of the most effective strategies you can use in your social media management to grow your business through more sales.

Build stronger bonds with user-generated content

Even though social networks do have the capacity and the tools to help you advertise your products and services, you need to keep in mind that these networks aren’t primarily advertising platforms. An occasional sponsored post or ad can indeed help you make more sales, but did you know that 40% of US consumers avoid certain media because of too many ads? You don’t want to be a part of the problem and drive your customers away by using too much promotional content.

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Instead, you can give your brand a fresh voice by publishing and encouraging customer-made content. It doesn’t even have to be an influencer per se, even though they indeed leverage a greater reach. Encourage a customer who has had a positive experience with your brand to post images of them using your products, publish comments and reviews, and share them with the world. This is a digital form of word-of-mouth that can truly set your brand apart and skyrocket your sales.

Use analytics to drive sales

How often do your sales executives head to your brand’s social media profiles? Most likely not that often, since they are busy dealing with whatever lead generation tools you have and all the email correspondence. However, giving your sales reps access to your social media analytics, following base, and similar data can help your teams reach the right people at any given moment.

Not only will you be able to get a better idea of who your target customers are, but you can also use that information to help generate more qualified leads, and get in touch with more potential customers. Social networks are a well of constantly created information that your sales teams can use to increase your revenue over time. Mind you, this is not a short-term strategy, but one that is meant to help you succeed in the long run.

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Use videos to present your product

Video content is definitely one of the most engaging forms of content on social media. A study has shown that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or a business they support. Furthermore, 88% of marketers who use this form of content claim that they are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing efforts on social media.

Weather you want to use live videos to attract immediate attention of your followers or show the behind the scenes of the making of your product, videos are a great way to boost engagement and build a closer relationship with your audience. Make sure that the video content you’re putting out is well-shot and professionally edited. Working with a professional content design agency such as Persuaders will help you ensure that your brand is represented in the best light possible and you’ll be able to convert your followers into customers.

Learn from your competition

Unless you’re a true trailblazer, odds are that there are other brands that have been in your industry for a long time. They are already using tried and tested strategies to boost sales even in the social realm, so why reinvent the wheel? It’s noble to invest effort, time, and creativity to come up with your own brand’s voice, and that is something no business can do without.

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But you should be open-minded enough to analyze what your competitors are doing in order to learn from them. Perhaps they have launched a social media campaign so effective that you can implement it yourself. Then again, social media monitoring tools exist to help you understand the context in which your brand appears, as well as to know how your competitors are perceived by your target audience. Leverage this information to make greater sales strides, and you’ll soon be able to see your revenue grow thanks to this learning curve alone.

Social media has become an integral part of running a modern-day business. In addition to raising awareness and disseminating valuable content, social networks can be used to grow your sales as well. Use these tips within your social strategy, and you’ll be able to maximize your revenue potential.

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