4 Proven Ways to Zero in on Your Target Audience

4 Proven Ways to Zero in on Your Target Audience
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Picture yourself starting the perfect business for your life. You try to get it off the ground, but you can’t seem to get any sales.

If you haven’t already, spend time identifying your target audience. That way, you’ll know who to market to so that you can craft clearer messages and campaigns.

Here are a few tips to help you find your target audience.

1. Start With Your Current Customers

The first thing you can do when identifying your target audience is to start with your current and former customers. Consider their demographics, such as their age, gender, and where they live.

You can also look into what product or service they bought and why. If you can’t figure that out on your own, send a survey to everyone who buys from you and ask about them.

Keep in mind that your current customers aren’t necessarily your ideal customers. If you rebrand or start a new service, you might have to look for new customers, but your existing audience is a great place to start.

2. Review Your Analytics

Another option you can consider is your analytics for your website and social media accounts. You should be able to learn about the location of your website visitors and followers.

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Some platforms offer more details than others, so be sure to review all of the platform analytics you can. Of course, this can help you figure out your current audience, and you can decide if you want to use that target audience in advertising campaigns.

The HOTH is one company that can help you further target your ideal customers. Then, you’ll be able to convert more of them into buyers and loyal fans.

3. Focus on a Problem

If you don’t have a current audience, focus on a problem you can solve. This is a great method for identifying your target audience because you’ll know people will want your product or service.

In a lot of cases, the problem may be something you’ve struggled with but have overcome. It doesn’t have to be a problem you have, so you can do some research on the problems in your industry.

Maybe you find that a lot of college students struggle to find summer jobs, so you create a job board. That would naturally lead to college students being your target audience.

4. Research Your Competitors

Another option to help you identify your target audience is to focus on your competition. Go to the websites and social media accounts of businesses similar to yours.

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Read their social media bios and the website about page. Consider if they explicitly state who their target audience is. While your audience doesn’t have to be the same, there will probably be some overlap.

Good competitor research can help you narrow in on your target customers. While you shouldn’t copy others, you can use another business as inspiration for your marketing.

Identifying Your Target Audience Is Easy

Identifying your target audience is vital to the success of your business. That way, you’ll know who to speak to when marketing your business.

You don’t have to market to everyone, and you probably shouldn’t. Instead, try a few strategies to figure out who you should focus on selling to.

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