Automating Your Cybersecurity Programs to Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency

Automating your Cybersecurity Programs to Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency
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AI-powered cybersecurity strategies are the perfect combination of automation and human intellect. Because of this, they can reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of almost any cybersecurity program. The benefits of this automation range from improving efficiency in the small menial tasks of data entry to significant cost savings through reduced human error, automation compliance teams, and data breach reductions.

Regardless of the industry or the field of work, you are in, almost every type of business can be improved by better risk management, real-time data analysis, and overall increased efficiency that is provided by automating your security systems. What are some of the steps to automating these systems?

Automated Solutions for Your Cybersecurity Programs

  • Automating Compliance

Regulatory compliance can be a tedious process that requires hours upon hours of human labour to manually inspect a company or organization’s compliance criteria to determine its status. Using an automation platform to do these tasks is more accurate, less time-consuming, and very effective at notifying the proper personnel when compliance concerns arise.

  • Automated Cybersecurity Threat Detection

Security teams are well-trained to perform threat detection on their networks. However, due to the increase in scope and power of the threats that networks face, automated threat detection allows potentially malicious activity to be detected and dealt with automatically, without the need for a human operator.

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According to a recent expert interview by NTT “Using modern technology and techniques is the only way to manage cybersecurity systems properly and effectively. Combining these tools with the ingenuity of human operators can create robust, resilient, and adaptable cybersecurity systems.”

  • Incident Response

Automated incident response protocols follow a set of pre-determined criteria to act when faced with an incident. These responses will facilitate the proper reaction nearly instantaneously, saving time and money.

  • Automated Security Tools

Automated security tools like SOAR (security orchestration, automation, and response) and SIEM (security information and event management) do some of the work of their human counterparts which allows them to focus on higher priority objectives.

  • Security Automation and Automatic Security Processes

Automating security processes, such as those mentioned above, lead to more consistent workflow and the redistribution of human resources, which in turn leads to better cybersecurity outcomes.

How Does Automation Make Your Operations More Efficient and Save You Money?

  • Reduce Payroll

When tasks can be automated, there is less need for human analysts and team members because there is less work to do. Reducing the payroll is one of the major ways that automated security systems can save you money.

  • Automate Time Consuming, Simple Tasks
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Many security tasks are time-consuming, mundane, and simple, which makes them perfect for automation. Data entry, the development of security reports, and help desk needs are some of the few that can be automated to save time and money.

  • Programs Can Learn and Adapt as the Situation Changes

Just like humans, automated systems can learn and adapt, potentially becoming ever more efficient and cost-effective as time goes by. These programs, when operated correctly, can continue to increase their ROI by becoming better at doing their tasks as well as learning to do additional tasks, which they were not originally intended to do.

Automated Security Systems: The Way Forward

The automation of cybersecurity is already well underway and those wanting to stay competitive and relevant will transition to more automated security systems. This will allow them to continue to compete in the marketplace and keep their networks safe while reaping the benefits of these automated systems.

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