5 Reasons Why e-Learning is better than Traditional Education

5 Reasons Why e-Learning is better than Traditional Education
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Are you still convinced that learning in a traditional classroom is the only way to get the high-quality education?

Congratulations, you’re living under the rock!

E-learning is the latest trend in education that has proven to be more versatile, than regular classroom education. It’s also shown to be more engaging, having 25-60% higher retention rates compared to 8-10% of face-to-face classes.

The leading universities from the whole world readily offer online courses as well as Bachelor and Master Degree programs to those, who want to get the diplomas but don’t have enough resources to complete regular classroom programs.

You’re probably thinking right now: “Yes, I get it, e-learning is versatile. Is that is? Versatility only cannot get e-learning to replace traditional education.”

But who said that we’re done? Here are 5 more reasons why e-learning is better than traditional education.

  • Self-paced education

I can’t tell you how annoying traditional education is in terms of forcing the students to do tasks, visit lectures and write numerous research papers that end up in the pile of garbage. I’m not saying that everything that students are asked to do is useless, but you’d agree that while studying at college, you’ve struggled with courses and tasks that you don’t even need.

With e-learning education becomes self-paced, meaning that you can:

  • create your own schedule to follow;
  • easily incorporate studying in your busy everyday life;
  • study the way that is comfortable for you, absorbing the information with the pace that is more convenient and suits you better.
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E-learning is a good option for those who plan to continue with their career while advancing their knowledge. “Due to the ability of e-learning to allow self-paced education employee development has gotten more accessible”, says Lara Atkins, a chief HR executive at HotEssayService. “It’s cheaper and more affordable, but what’s more important – it’s engaging.”

  • E-learning makes sure that you continue improving

Technology has made e-learning smarter than traditional classroom education. Often, students can remember the essential information from the courses they took a year ago. E-learning makes sure that you remember everything you’ve learned.

There are a lot of tools to help you keep track of your knowledge. The tool I’m absolutely in love with is the one that I found on Grabmyessay, and it’s called Enable. It’s meant to help you keep up with your learning results. It also allows you to easily go through the materials you’ve already learn to refresh them in your memory.

  • Absolute freedom of learning

By this, I don’t mean freestyle scheduling, I mean absolute freedom of using any resources you want. Traditional education sets a lot of limits in terms of the resources that students are allowed or not allowed to use.

When it comes to e-learning, you can easily use everything that you think will help you make the studying process more efficient. You can also collaborate with other people to help you understand something better. For example, once I collaborated with a writer from Supreme Dissertations, who helped me better understand how to write my research papers and also how to proofread my writing more effectively.

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Of course, you still need to remember to follow the rules of citations and how to identify credible resources. E-learning still observes the same rules as the traditional education, when it comes to writing papers and using resources. “E-learning is not about breaking the rules”, says Martha Jenkins, a content manager from Rewardedessays. “It’s about adjusting the rules and making them more convenient for the learning process.”

  • In e-learning, an instructor becomes a mentor

Unfortunately, in traditional classrooms, students are often treated as inferior, which creates a negative experience. I can assure you that I once was one of the students who hated attending classes at college because I always felt inferior and “unworthy” of my teacher’s attention.

E-learning changes everything: your teacher inevitably becomes your mentor and has to pay more attention to you. There’s a special methodology of online learning and teaching: close collaboration between a student and a teacher makes the learning process more personalized.

No matter, which platform for e-learning you choose, whether it’s Udemy, Coursera or other platforms offered by the paper writing services review site, all the courses they offer presuppose close collaboration with the instructor. This way you’ll be able to benefit more from the studying process, learning more from your instructor’s experience.

  • E-learning is great for networking

5 Reasons Why e-Learning is better than Traditional Education

When I decided to try out e-learning courses, I had no idea what I was signing up to. But I was curious enough to explore it and the course that I’ve chosen was of a great interest to me.

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I’ve noticed the great potential of online education right away: I was able to plan my learning according to my personal schedule, I had access to absolutely all necessary resources. But what struck me most is the networking options that e-learning offers.

During my course, I was able not only to communicate with the professor but also with other students like me. How did I benefit from it?

  1. I was able to share my knowledge as well as learn from other students as we were working on our course materials;
  2. I’ve built several important business connections as we communicated in a chat with other students;
  3. In general, it was quite a rewarding experience, which introduced me to a lot of interesting people who are now my good friends.
  • E-learning is taking over

As you can see, e-learning has a lot more benefits than traditional education, and it’s no wonder why more and more people choose to get the education online. You shouldn’t be against it, instead, you should embrace the opportunities it brings along.

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