Is Snapchat Still Relevant In 2022? 4 Trends And Predictions

Is Snapchat Still Relevant In 2022
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Snapchat is a popular app for sending photos, videos, and messages that disappear after a short period. The app is said to be a favorite of young individuals and it has recently added many new features that make the experience of using it more fun than ever. Snapchat has grown in popularity and has dramatically impacted how people communicate with their friends and loved ones.

But in the face of competition from multiple social media platforms, will Snapchat continue to thrive? Experts believe that yes, Snapchat still boasts excellent potential and will continue to be relevant in 2022.

If you’re interested in learning about Snapchat’s latest technological developments or want to know what Snapchat might look like in 2022, this post is for you. Below is an outline of the Snapchat trends and predictions you need to know. Keep on reading to learn more.

Continued Competition With Instagram

One of the reasons Snapchat has been so successful and garnered approximately 319 million daily users is because it features unique and exciting features that you couldn’t find on any other social media platform such as Instagram. But fast forward to 2022, this is no longer the case because Instagram has copied many of the features that drew users to Snapchat in the first place. An example of this is how Instagram added stories and filters after seeing its success on Snapchat.

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The intense competition between these social media platforms is expected to continue. And to avoid becoming irrelevant, Snapchat will have to find a way to add more features to keep people interested in using their service instead of switching over to Instagram. Keeping up with its biggest competitor is the primary concern Snapchat has now if they want to keep its loyal users.

In 20222, Snapchat can try and develop innovative ideas to guide it to make several changes to its platform by asking users what they want. They also need to find out how other companies adapt to the changing world of social media. After all, its unique features made it a success as it made the platform fun and interesting. This means they have to keep up with the stiff competition, and they’ll need to think of new ideas and features to ensure people don’t migrate towards Instagram, which is a more versatile product.

Snapchat Possibly Increasing The Presence Of Advertisements

It’s no secret that Snapchat has been struggling to find a way to make money since its creation in 2011. But as a popular app, Snapchat has always tried to find ways to monetize its services better. However, this platform has proven itself capable of generating revenue through advertisements on its platform. You can see Snapchat conversation history to further confirm this for yourself.

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Snapchat’s appeal among businesses is because it’s become quite a helpful tool that helps them advertise easily with creative and fun image ads. Now, Snapchat is looking at ways to increase its advertising revenue by appealing to a wider audience and also making it more interactive.

Some of the features they’re adopting to realize this objective include Snapchat Story Ads which display advertisements by brands on the Discover feed. By taking advantage of this feature, brands can now capture the attention of their target audience, who don’t want to be left out and quickly click on the ads.

Snapchat Will Likely Increase More Content For Gen Z-ers

Z-ers, also known as Millennial Generation Z-ers, refers to persons born between 1995 and 2012 that are particularly interested in Snapchat’s new format. Because they’re tech-savvy and looking to get more out of their smartphones, it’s harder selling to them than to other generations. What’s more, Gen Z-ers tend to be more open-minded about technology, so the new Snapchat features will resonate with them even better.

Snapchat will design features targeting Gen Z-ers, and examples include a Camera Kit for brands, Snap Minis, and an expanded Snap Kit that can incorporate more than 800 apps. Another addition is Snap Games, which integrates features such as the ability to chat even when playing games.

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Expect Further Incorporation And Use Of Filter Ads

In 2022, Snapchat will begin incorporating the use of Filter Ads that enables users to capture pictures when using the app by simply swiping sideways. Brands have subtly taken advantage of this artistic feature to incorporate brand names or logos within picture filters.

With filter ads, advertisers will be able to create custom filters that users can choose when they post pictures on the app. These filters will allow users to place an ad over the top of their picture or video.

Thanks to the filter ads feature, Snapchat may be able to make money without charging for the app and without charging for individual updates such as photos or videos. Advertisers may also measure the success of their ads based on how many times users used them and how many times users sent snaps with that filter over some time.


Snapchat is transforming the way many lead their lives, learn, and have fun. The social media app has grown with its users, constantly innovating and incorporating new technologies to keep its users entertained. But whether this social media platform is relevant in 2022 and its future is quite a common topic of discussion. This feature has helped you know where it’ll be headed by detailing the trends and predictions about Snapchat that you need to know.

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