pcTattletale, Snapchat Spy App

pcTattletale, Snapchat Spy App

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Snapchat Spy App

If you’re looking for a spy application that can be used to monitor your child’s Snapchat activities, this article has all the information you need. We will discuss how pcTattletale, a Snapchat spy application, can be installed on your Android device. There’s also some important information in this article that iPhone users need to read. pcTattletale is virtually undetectable, as your children won’t know that you are able to see the entirety of their Snapchat videos, pictures, or conversations, even after they’re deleted. No technical skills are required to use the app.

Snapchat’s Popularity

Snapchat is quite popular among teens and kids. In fact, it has over 173,000,000 users. Teenage girls use it the most. The chart below makes it clear how many kids are using Snapchat versus their parents.

One of the nice things about Snapchat is that any chat you have with someone disappears after a couple of minutes. Kids can say or do anything they wouldn’t normally do in public because they know that the chats disappear. If you have a suspicion that your child may be exhibiting questionable behavior with this app, you’ll be able to monitor everything they do with pcTattletale without them even knowing about it.

Snapchat can be used for video chatting or to make short videos that can be shared with friends. The app has greatly progressed in terms of augmented reality. This image below makes it quite clear that kids who add images or texts to videos are quite creative. As popular as this social app is, surprisingly, it doesn’t receive lots of attention.

Snapchat Monitoring

If you’re a parent of a child with a smartphone device, you’re most certainly not alone. Witnessing your daughter making videos and snapping them up, so to speak, is not very uncommon. Of course, if she’s doing something she’s not supposed to and you’re in the room, she’s going to shut the app down right away because she’s doing something she doesn’t want you to see.

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There are a variety of apps parents can use to spy on their children’s Snapchat activities they partake in on their phones which, in a sense, can help you get to know them better. You’ll find out things you never knew about your kids, including things they would never tell you personally. You’ll be able to have more teachable moments with your children with the information you obtain from their Snapchats, which will make you more knowledgeable about who they are.

Good Beginner Snapchat Spy Applications

Many spy applications online make exaggerated claims that they can monitor a person’s Snapchat activities but fall short of being able to do so because they cannot capture the entirety of what’s happening inside the app. The reason for this, as previously mentioned, is because the pictures and messages quickly disappear.

Even worse, some of the applications want you to either jailbreak or root your phone, which is not only difficult to do but may void any warranty you have on your phone.

pcTattletale Spy Application

We have a Snapchat hacker app specifically for Android phones called pcTattletale. It is one of the best apps available for monitoring a person’s activities on Snapchat and other places online. Other spy applications have tried to obtain Snapchat information, which has worked only part of the time. Other times, snaps would already be gone by the time the spy application was able to obtain the chats. Snapchat has also been known to destroy spy apps whenever it updates.

pcTattletale changes the entire narrative by making YouTube-esque movies out of the chats with your smartphone. You’ll also be able to see the people your child interacts with, along with each video and snap chat they have. You’ll see all of your child’s Snapchat activity without missing any important details.

How to Setup pcTattletale on An Android Device

For the most part, pcTattletale works on Android devices. Installing the app is quite simple. All you have to do is create a new free pcTattletale account, install the Android spy application on your device, and view the recordings of your child’s activities on pcTattletale’s website.

Once the pcTattletale Snapchat spy app has been installed on your device, you’ll be able to monitor your child’s activities on their phone and you’ll be able to view their GPS locations as well. You’ll be able to view each message your child sends, and whatever they do on the Internet, Instagram, Facebook, or elsewhere. We record your child’s screen and never select which apps are recorded.

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Monitoring Snapchat Activities in Real-Time

pcTattletale has a “live monitoring” feature that allows you to witness your child’s online activities in real-time. You can see if your daughter is on Snapchat instead of doing her homework in her room by opening the pcTattletale app to see what she is up to.

pcTattletale is one of the only apps that can monitor your child’s Snapchat activities in real-time. If you have an Android device and you’re looking for a Snapchat spy application, pcTattletale should be the first option you choose.

Snapchat Spy Applications For iPhone Devices

There are a variety of app companies that consistently lie about Snapchat spying on iPhone devices. The sad reality is, most spy apps sound better than they actually are. Just do a Google search and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, most Snapchat spy applications make false claims that they can do so many things on an iPhone device, but the truth is that they cannot.

One popular spy application is TruthSpy, which makes the claim that it can do so many things with Snapchat which might sound good initially; however, when you attempt to install it, they mention a disclaimer that some people tend to overlook until after the fact. The company wants you to have a Cydia application on the home screen of the phone you are targeting. Otherwise, your iPhone cannot be jailbroken, and you won’t be able to set the application up.

No one wants to jailbreak their iPhone devices because these devices are quite expensive. If jailbreaking damages your iPhone in any way, it could cost you hundreds of dollars to replace, and, of course, Apple won’t replace it because jailbreaking one of their devices automatically voids the manufacturer’s warranty.

Jailbreaking iPhones: Debunking Myths

Even if an iPhone device could be jailbroken, is it even possible? TruthSpy’s website has a suggestion for jailbreaking an iPhone but only up to iOS version 9. Apple’s latest version is iOS12 – hardly anyone is using iOS9 anymore. The reason for this is because Apple always likes to keep their devices up to date with the latest updates and upgrades. The truth of the matter is that TruthSpy hasn’t worked for several years because it’s not compatible with the latest iOS12 update.

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Apple has pretty much-prevented users from jailbreaking their iPhones in the meantime, which means that TruthSpy’s app won’t allow you to jailbreak an iPhone any longer. Suffice it to say, they’re still advertising their app as if it can do that, which is flat out false.

At this point, I think you know what I’m getting at here.

Because there are so many spy applications out there that make faulty claims, it’s important that you do your homework. Monitoring a person’s online activities on an iPhone device is quite limited. pcTattletale makes a point by not forcing people to jailbreak their iPhone devices. We don’t want our customers doing that, ever.

The bad news is that if you and your children have iPhones, we do not have a Snapchat spy application that is compatible with them. We are always on the lookout for people who have a workaround for this problem, but so far, we haven’t found anyone yet. Do not listen to the scammers who claim that they have a spy application that works for iPhones, because virtually none of them do.

You will have a difficult time finding a Snapchat spy application that will work on an iPad or iPhone. I feel that I need to be completely honest with you about that so you won’t be spending endless frustrating hours trying to find a spy app that will work.

It’s important to understand that there isn’t a workable solution that will record Snapchats on an iPhone device. If your kids have an iPhone instead of an Android, you are sadly out of luck. Anyone who claims that they have an application that can spy on your child’s Snapchat activities through their iPhones should take the information with a grain of salt.

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