Great Ways to Use LinkedIn to Improve Your Employer Brand

Great Ways to Use LinkedIn to Improve Your Employer Brand
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There is no denying that the modern workforce has plenty of opportunities to explore in the saturated job market. The competition for employers is fierce, and so business leaders have begun to prioritize employer branding on social media as one of the key ways to boost employee acquisition, and more importantly, employee retention over the long term. After all, the modern millennial or Gen Z employee doesn’t have a problem leaving a company if they’re feeling undervalued and underappreciated, nor do potential employees have a problem skipping a job opening at a company that doesn’t have a positive employer brand.

This is because modern employees are not only looking for companies that offer flexibility and fair compensation – they are also looking to become a part of a thriving brand that shares their core values and beliefs. Of course, one of the best places to build your employer brand is LinkedIn, If you’re keen on optimizing your LinkedIn experience and enhancing your outreach efforts, check out this helpful resource on the top LinkedIn email finder Chrome extensions. Let’s take a look at the most effective ways you can leverage this popular network to achieve your goals.

Start with your personal LinkedIn profile

It all starts with your personal LinkedIn profile and how you market your personal brand to the world. While it is important to create an amazing company page on LinkedIn as well, keep in mind that potential employees will research as many people as they can who currently work there, so no matter if you are the CEO, the creative director, or an account manager, you have to tell the right story about your company through your personal profile. Of course, this requires you to create a delicate balance between storytelling and concrete information that the potential employee needs.

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Begin by choosing a current picture of yourself that has your brand’s elements in the background, or even a picture of you interacting with some key brand features. Next, use your profile summary to engage the reader and tell a story about yourself and the company you work for. Use an authentic voice and speak to the visitor in a conversational tone – you want to come off as approachable and friendly.

Optimize your LinkedIn company page

The next step is to build one amazing company page and to link all team members and your personal profile to that page in order to build your network and improve brand visibility, trust, and authority on the platform and beyond. People want to see that your employees are actually linked to your company, but more importantly, they are much likelier to respond to your messages if they see that you are following the main company page. However, simply having a company page doesn’t cut it.

To create an amazing company page, follow these steps:

  • Make sure that the page is in line with your brand identity.
  • Make sure to enrich the page with your brand’s visuals.
  • Avoid buzzwords and clichés in your summary and job openings and their descriptions.
  • Speak to your audience in a friendly, contemporary voice to connect with them on a deeper level.
  • Make sure that all content is up to date and that you update all relevant information promptly.
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Build a compelling brand identity

In order to be successful on LinkedIn and to create a compelling employer brand, you need to make sure that your company’s brand is on point. After all, how are you supposed to brand your LinkedIn presence and optimize your profiles if your internal branding is not consistent, or if your team members do not consider themselves as members of your brand’s family?

This is why modern employer brand development focuses heavily on building a brand foundation first based on personality, values and culture, internal training and development, and tone of voice so that your employer brand can be powerful and consistent across all relevant social media channels. By developing a strong internal brand and a district brand style, you will be able to brand your LinkedIn presence as a whole.

Post regular status updates

Of course, in order to stay relevant in the opportune job market, you also have to post regular and timely updates so that your potential employees can stay in the know at all times. This will simplify their decision-making process and help them organize their job search. Most importantly, it will show them that you’re professional and that you’re taking the time to manage your LinkedIn accounts. Don’t just post status updates, instead, add video updates, relevant links, and photos, and stick to short and sweet engaging content that your audience can digest easily.

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Inspire employees to become brand ambassadors

Your employees are your brand’s biggest assets, so use them to boost word of mouth and elevate your standing in the industry. When it comes to professional platforms such as LinkedIn, there’s nothing quite as powerful as the good word of your employees, so be sure to incentivize them to brand their own profiles, share important stories and status updates about your company, post job openings, and even reach out to their own connections in order to widen your search and help you reach the top talent in your industry.

Wrapping up

LinkedIn is one of the best places in the online world for growth-oriented companies to find talented employees, but that doesn’t mean that this is an easy task. Your job is to optimize your LinkedIn presence in order to elevate your employer brand and capture the attention of your audience, so be sure to use these tips to take your recruitment strategy forward.

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