Top 5 Free File Converter Everyone Should Try

Top 5 Free File Converter Everyone Should Try
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Computers have gotten very significant in our daily lives. We depend on them as they help us to do lots of various things, for example, editing photos, preparing reports, playing games, reading ebooks, writing documents, and many more. One of its useful help is allowing its users to access file converters online.

Document or file conversion is the way of changing a document from one format into another. This is useful since you may one day need to work with files that are not compatible with other programs you need to use. In this article, we list down a few of the dependable free online converters you may use in the future.


Converting file format can be time-consuming, most especially if you are not familiar with the tools you are about to use. Although there are various tools to use for your conversion needs like pdf to word, PDFBear could be one of your best choices.

Converting files has never been easy, especially when you have PDFBear to complete the work for you. With its wide options of tools and features, you will never need to use other online tools since PDFBear has all that you need. PDFBear can work however you wish. You must follow a few easy steps with this online converter to complete the process and save your finished document.

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If you’ve been looking for an excellent file converted with a user-friendly interface, Wondershare PDF Converter could be one of your go-to. This tool is very proud to let its users know that they give high regard to providing convenience while using their site.

Wondershare stands behind its name since it conveys high-quality conversions with a few clicks, no matter what type of file format. This software allows you to change from HTML to PDF, Excel, and Word. This could be its greatest disadvantage. But considering its simplicity, free and quick service, it is something worth trying.


At some point, almost all free file converters have limits, whether it’s the number of documents you can change over per day or some of its features. The ideal approach to keep away from this is to look for a brand new converter tool as new tools are often for free. GorillaPDF is one of them.

GorillaPDF is a brand new online tool that works superbly with your PDF files. No installation, downloads, and it requires logins. Open the file in any of the provided tools and convert them. It is growing quickly and aiming to be the best. They highlight various services like Excel to PDF, PNG to PDF, Unlock PDF, Password Protect PDF, and many more.

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In contrast to its name, the SmallPDF converter is anything but small. It is an online converter tool that lets you change over your files effectively and quickly. It converts your documents from and into PDF with no hassle since you don’t download or register anything to your PC.

SmallPDF converter is super-simple and using it is extremely helpful even for starters. Go to their site, drag and drop or upload the file you need to work with. Then pick the format you need to convert them into. Once the conversion is complete, you have the option of what to do with your file. You may send it to Dropbox, Google Drive, or even download it to your device.

PDF Architect

As a common impression, architects are known for their valuable deliveries, precision, and organization, so you can think of what PDF Architect would offer. This conversion tool is loaded with amazing features that make the conversion process an absolute breeze.

The free version of the PDF Architect allows you to change over PDF records from more than 300 formats. It also lets you add a signature to your documents. Aside from converting files, PDF Architect can convert photos and scanned images and documents.

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Recently, there have been a lot of free online converters released by a lot of companies. Converter tools are great for work or school and you’ll be able to do more with your files with them. With which tool you’ll end up using will be all up to you. Get the ones that cater to all your needs when it comes to working on your documents.

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