How to Choose Best Electric Shaver

How to Choose Best Electric Shaver
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Whenever going to market for selection of product some background knowledge is needed. The more knowledge you have about the product the better will be your choice. This is a general formula whether you are looking for best shaver or any other product.

All the shavers possess some unique features which you won’t find in any other model. But there are some factors which are common in all the shavers. So just keeping them in mind and then deciding on the basis of them selection will become a lot easier. Here are the things which you must look for before choosing best electric shaver.

Foil VS Rotary

As you might know that electric shavers are classified in two groups. Some come with a rotary head and others with foil style.

If you are shaving on daily basis and closeness is your ultimate priority then go for foil style. But if you are lazy and can’t shave regularly then skip this because it has some difficulty in cutting long hair.

For long and flat hair rotary style shavers are the best. It can capture flat lying hair very efficiently and thus give you excellent result. But don’t expect such closeness what foil head can give you.

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Design of the shaver should be such that is highly fitting in hand. There should be sufficient gripping material on the body so that it does not drop from hand even if cover with foam or your hands are wet.

Look for the travel lock because if you are constantly traveling from one place to another then this feature is very necessary. Travel lock will prevent accidental turning on so the shaver can be packed in the bag without any worries.

Choose such shaver which has advance LED display on the front. The better will be the display the more easy will be for you to stay updated about your shaver. The display should be such that tell the remaining battery life in percentage and also the exact time that for how long the shaver will run.

Skin Friendly

Some shavers are very harsh thus after shave you can see redness or rashes on your face. Sensitive skin users face this problem the most. For sensitive skin foil, shavers are the best but some rotary shavers are also acceptable in this regard. Price does not matter here because some budget-friendly shavers are also very skin friendly like Braun Series 3.

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Wet & Dry Use

Modern days shavers are very advance so they give the pleasure of wet shaving as well. Some shavers can be used only on dry skin while others are suitable for both. The advantage of wet shaving is that you can get extremely close and comfortable shave. Even if the shaver is not skin friendly but if you apply shaving gel on your face, there won’t be any note-able discomfort.

But one thing you should know that shavers suitable for wet use can’t be used while charging. This feature is actually for safety measures.

Automatic Cleaning & Charging Station

High end shavers come with automatic cleaning station. This station clean, lubricate and charge the shaver. On top of that it contains sterilizing solution which will kill the germs and other disease causing pathogens.

People who have limited budget should not choose shaver with this automatic station because for that you have to spend some extra bucks. But if you don’t have budget issue then this will give you extra pleasure.

Along with cleaning this will also charge your shaver. So how will you know whether shaver is charging or cleaning. The LED display will play the role here by indicating if the shaver is cleaning or charging.

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Shaving Performance

You can know the performance of shaver during shave. Every individual’s priority is different some prefer closeness, others fast shaving and some give more importance to comfort.

Close Shave

If you want close shave then look for such shaver which has five cutting elements in the head. Only Braun series 9 and Panasonic Arc 5 has five elements. But Panasonic is the winner in the field of closeness.

Fast Shaving

Modern life is getting busy day by day so most people don’t have sufficient time for shave. So if you prefer fast shaving then choose a shaver which has at least 13000 CPM motor power. But take care that along with power the shaver does not get hot and also run silently.


What attract users the most is the comfort offered by the electric shaver. But all the shavers are not that comfortable. Shavers made for sensitive skin give additional comfort. Also those shaver which can be used with a foam or gel are admirable in the field of comfort.

Bottom Line

Whether you are buying expensive or budget friendly shaver but if you keep these factors in mind selection will be the best and you won’t regret your decision.

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