Pre-Wash Your New Vape Coils for Better Flavor: Guide to Step-by-Step

Pre-Wash Your New Vape Coils for Better Flavor: Guide to Step-by-Step
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Do you have worries about the cleanliness of your device? Do you need a spotless vape to use? Here is the blog which will help you in this matter. A vape is a device you use for vaping at your preferable time, so washing and cleaning your vape before use is important.

What Is Vape Coil:

The coil is an important component of a vape. It takes power from the battery,

heats the e liquid, and converts it into vapours. As the coil is an essential part of a vape, proper working of it plays a vital role in vaping. To work properly, it is also required to clean up the coil. Thus, the followings are the methods to clean a coil:

Methods To Clean A Vape Coil:

To wipe your coil, some methods facilitate you and help you enjoy the flavour of vape in its pure form—so comprehensive ways to wash a vape are below.

Soaking Method:

This is the simplest method to clean a coil. All the things which are used in this method are easily accessible and also at low prices.

  • Put some hot water into a bowl.
  • Drop your coil into it.
  • Soak a coil in the water for a day.
  • Stir it meanwhile to shake the coil.
  • Notice the colour of the water, the colour will change, and dust particles will be visible on the surface of the water.
  • Remove the coil from the water and rinse it.
  • After a completely dry, the coil is ready-to-use.
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Swabbing Method:

The process of swabbing takes less time to clean voopoo coils. You can clean more than one coil at a time. Below are some points for you:

  • Put alcohol or vinegar in a bowl.
  • Dip your vape coil in alcohol.
  • After some time, dirt particles will appear, or the coil of alcoholic water will change.
  • Use a strainer for filtering small particles.
  • Dry a coil to use it accurately.

Ultrasonic Method:

It is a process which produces cavitation produced as a result of the compression and refraction cycle at the ultrasonic frequency. An ultrasonic cleaner is now widely used for cleaning up a vape. A cleaner performs a simple cleaning process. All unwanted particles on the coil are dissolved due to the slight vibration within a cleaner. The followings are the steps for you to follow:

  • Place components of the vape together.
  • Fill the container of cleaner with water.
  • Set the required time and switch on the cleaner.
  • All the dirt and gunk will float on the water’s surface, so filter those particles with paper or tissue.
  • Dry your vape coil with a towel before using it.

Although this is a perfect method to clean a coil, this can be useful for Sub-ohm coils, RTAs and RDAs.

The methods to clean a coil are discussed above; let’s take a comprehensive look at the benefits of pre-washing like voopoo vinci coils.

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If you highlight coil washing, there are many benefits but limited disadvantages. Wash before use is a safe and effective precaution. Among many advantages, some are listed below:

Hygiene Perspective:

If you are too conscious about the hygiene of your related things, you are optimistic. So, for this concern, you can also wash your new coil by following the above methods of cleaning a coil before use.

Better Performance:

Pre-washing the new coil improves the life of your vape, as even a small invisible particle will remove from it. So it increases the performance of a vape, and it can work for a long time.

Better Flavour:

Cleaning the coil before vaping gives you a better flavour, as you can enjoy a flavour in its pure form without any outside particles.


Above is the description of washing a new vape coil before use. That description includes methods and advantages of cleaning a coil of vape. As vaping is an inhaling and exhaling of vapours, it is better to pre-wash your coil of a vape so that no dirty particle is included.

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