The Power of Productivity: Desk Organization Tips for the Busy Bee

The Power of Productivity: Desk Organization Tips for the Busy Bee
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Desk Organization Tips for the Busy Bee

Are you a busy worker with an overwhelming desk on your hands? We know that productivity matters, so we compiled these desk organization tips for you!

Organization is an important key to productivity. In fact, the average person wastes more than 8,700 hours looking for lost items. This loss of time could easily be avoided with a few simple organization tips.

One place where important items often get lost is a desk. Everyone from teachers, to office workers, to administrators know how quickly things can get buried on a desk.

However, with these desk organization tips, you can stop the time-consuming cycle of losing and finding important items.

Check out the list below to find out how to keep your desk organized and your life productive.

Organize Your Files

You likely have various important pieces of paperwork taking over your desk. You can’t throw them out, yet they’re all so different from each other. Now is the time to make files.

When you make files for your important papers, be sure to design a system for finding them easily. Using color coding is a simple way to do so.

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Beware of Post-Its

Post-its are a great invention, but they’re also a great way to mask an ineffective productivity system. It may look like effective organization, but it’s really just more clutter.

No desk should be covered in Post-it notes unless the goal is to distract you from your work. Post-it notes should only be used for reminders, not as a to-do list.

What Do You Really Need?

It’s not easy to decide what items really need to be on your desk. Sometimes it feels like everything is immediate.

Consider what physical items you could switch to digital. Perhaps you could download a productivity platform instead of using too many Post-its. Maybe you could use an app like to remove some paperwork.

Only keep the items you use daily on your desk. When you’re in the middle of a project, you can keep everything relevant to it on there. Immediately after finishing, clear it all and start anew.

Keep Decorations Minimal

Some decorations are effective efficiency boosters, some are not. For example, plants have shown an ability to improve an employee’s state of mind. They can decrease stress and frustration.

Too many decorations, however, will achieve the opposite effect. Desk clutter creates too many stimuli for the brain, fatiguing it more easily. Consider only keeping the things that inspire and motivate you.

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Clean and Go

At the end of every workday, make it a habit to clean up your desk. It may be as simple as throwing away the Post-it reminders you’ve completed. It may take more time, like filing away documents in your color-coded files.

This is a quick task that shouldn’t take more than ten minutes, but it will save you a lot of time in the long run. This way, you’ll avoid the clutter piling up until it’s too much to manage.

Desk Organization Tips and More

Following these desk organization tips will help you keep your life in order. Some basic upkeep will prevent you from losing bills, contracts, or other important paperwork.

For more useful how-to articles to improve your life, don’t forget to check out our how-to section.

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