6 Reasons Online Fax Is An Essential Remote Business Tech

6 Reasons Online Fax Is An Essential Remote Business Tech
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The use of traditional fax machines is getting less by the day. For this reason, some business owners and office workers already wonder whether faxing is now obsolete. Yet the answer to this question is still no. While conventional faxing systems may no longer be used in some companies, online faxing has replaced them.

Today, when businesses and offices are shifting to remote and flexible working setups, it’s necessary to invest in valuable business tech tools to support your operations. One that can surely aid your daily activities and transactions is the online fax service provided by companies like eFax.com. This business system can help your teams improve their operations and succeed with their targets.

If you’re still on the fence about whether to invest in online fax or not, consider the reasons presented here:

Convenient Document Access

An old-fashioned fax machine creates a physical file. If necessary, these files will be stored. Otherwise, they would be discarded. They require the use of physical paper, ink, and fax machine. Unfortunately, all these are not viable if your business has shifted to a remote setup. Moreover, this creates excessive waste and necessitates storage for the documents. These printed files may also be lost within the office or get damaged when disasters or accidents happen.

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Thankfully, none of these apply to online faxing. Besides going paperless, you have instant access to and management of all files sent and received via online fax. All team members with access can view the faxed files on their gadgets wherever they work. This is especially true if your company provides them with a multipurpose tablet that can do more work in one device. This makes access to important documents straightforward, without any risk of losing files. There are no physical spaces needed for storage, too.

Ensured Security

Security is one issue that businesses will never compromise on, and for a good reason. As opposed to traditional fax, online fax is a better option because sensitive information will be stored safely on encrypted files on the servers or hard drive. Once you receive one, it will only be accessible to those with access to the chosen email address or who have logged into the fax portal with their password. This elevates the safe keeping of your sensitive files.

It is crucial to ensure your documents are kept confidential no matter what industry you belong to. With all the data, customer information, and other essential documents you need to fax, you can’t risk getting them lost or stolen. Remote businesses can become more efficient by using online fax, as it offers the highest level of safety.

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Improved Workflow

Businesses can take advantage of online faxing to increase productivity through streamlined operations. Your remote business needs to develop an effective system that allows everyone to improve work processes efficiently. Hence, it’s best to invest in remote tools, and online fax is a good tool for this purpose. With online fax, files can easily be stored in the cloud and accessed by all team members at any time. This way, emails can be sent less frequently and scheduling conflicts can be addressed.

Invoicing and contracts can also be signed online, improving cash flow and allowing for a quicker payment. This will be beneficial to your staff as well as your business partners, vendors, and customers.

Incorporation Of E-Signatures

Adding a digital signature to your documents is easy through online fax. Business transactions, contracts, receipts, and other files still require signatures. As your team works remotely, it would be too much of a hassle for them to travel back and forth just to sign documents. With online fax, you can take advantage of its integrated e-signature feature.

For businesses that send documents with signatures on them often, fax services also allow users to add personalized digital signatures. This automates the task and adds your signature in just one click.

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Supports Green Practices

You can reap many benefits from an environment-friendly remote business. If your business supports green practices, this paperless business tech system aligns with your vision. With online fax, you help the environment by using less paper, thus conserving more resources.

Cost Savings

Buying a fax machine can be costly. Switching from paper faxes to online faxes is your best alternative if you want to save money. As mentioned, using conventional faxing requires more resources like paper, equipment, landline number, and ink, which all translate to costs.

If you’d go with online faxing, you only need to pay a minimal subscription fee monthly for the service and internet connectivity. Likewise, you can select a package or plan that suits your business. So, find one that matches your needs and budget.


Your remote business can benefit greatly from online faxing. Faxes remain helpful to this day, especially for your remote work setup. Let online fax aid your daily business tasks, transactions, and team collaborations.

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