Many-In-One: How Your Tab Can Do The Work Of 5 Devices

Many-In-One: How Your Tab Can Do The Work Of 5 Devices
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If you think a tablet is just a smartphone with a larger screen, think again. Whether you need to install an app or use built-in features, there is so much more you can do with your tab than you think. Especially, with high-end brands like Apple and Samsung, you would be surprised how multi-purpose these are.

Media player

This is probably what you use your tablet for. There was a time when you needed a computer or laptop to play videos, or iPods to play music. You can do all that on your tablet now, whether your interest is in music, movies, or podcasts. Not only do the operating systems support multiple media players, but these devices also come with large internal storage.

Let’s not forget the Netflix app that can so conveniently pause your movies where you stopped and lets you start from the same point. Having the app means you can securely stay signed in and not get logged out every time you leave the browser.

Recorder and Editor – Video and Audio

Tablets don’t always have the best cameras, but they’re getting better. The Samsung Galaxy S4 and S6, the iPad Pro, iPad Air all have really good cameras, not to mention a great camera app. You also get a built-in voice recorder. Instead of noting down your lectures, just record them.

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It’s not just recording, you can even edit on your tablets. Not professional editing, but you can easily edit videos and photos by installing an app. There are both free and paid apps for iPad and Android tabs with lots of fun features. With InShot for Android, you can even create videos from a collection of photos or add music to your videos.


Although the E Ink technology and Amazon Kindles are the best alternatives to paper books, your regular tablets can also work. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can always get a Kindle reader app. You can find it on both the Play Store and App Store.

iPads come in a variety of sizes, so you can pick whichever suits your needs. Both Apple and Android devices let you control the color saturation and brightness of the display. You can use the Blue Filter and adaptive brightness features to make the screens comfortable for reading.

The Amazon Fire tablets 7 and 8 are both great budget devices you can look at. The Microsoft Surface range is also a great choice for a reading tablet.

Graphics tablet

For Apple users, turning your iPad into a graphics tablet requires the additional purchase of an Apple Pencil. If you have a Samsung Galaxy tab, you already have an S-Pen that serves the purpose. The Photoshop app is available for both Android and iPadOS and is a great tool for creating digital art. Any other settings you require, your tablet already has.

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A stylus can also turn your tab into a digital notepad. You can use the stylus to take notes and they will be turned into texts. Both iPad and Samsung tablets have pretty good handwriting recognition.


Since the discovery of CamScanner, the use of physical scanners has reduced. Although they are still used in offices, it is much easier to use a phone or tablet for a quick scan. This app works just as well in tabs as it does on a smartphone.

If you have an iPad, you have a built-in scanner. The Notes app that comes preinstalled in iPad OS has a scanning feature that not many people know about. For Androids, you can use the updated Google Drive app to scan a doc and directly upload it to your cloud storage. For Samsung Galaxy users, the One UI 2 also has the scanning feature in their Camera app.

In conclusion

Both tablets and smartphones are multi-purpose devices. Even if you are not a tech-savvy person, you will find yourself using a lot of these added features. So if you find a device priced too high, do your research thoroughly – you are probably paying for more than just one device. When you know what they are, you can make a better decision. Even if it does not seem so at first, those features might be worth the price.

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