Comparison of Native App Development vs. Web App Development

Comparison of Native App Development vs. Web App Development
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What is Web App:

A Web application is an application program like other apps that is stored on remote server and supported over the Internet through any browser interface.

What is Native App:

A native application is a software program that can only be used on a particular platform or device.

Key Advantages – Native App Development

Highly Portability: It runs smoothly on each platform as the coding is done very smartly using different programming language specific to each operating system.

Speed: As the separate coding is done for ios or android so that the better results appear in terms of speed and performance.

User Experience: According to the latest research the main cause to delete an app by the user is “Poor UI” or in simple words worse user experience. The major advantage of native app is come in highlight once it provides the greater user experience in terms of better scrolling, specific gesture recognition, profound effects and animations, much more appealing elements and much more.

Data Protection: Sometimes the app development is decision of millions of dollars so that native app make sure the 100% efficiency of hardware resources along with the data protection as an augmented benefits.

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Highly Flexibility: The native app can easily work with devices by default features such as camera, microphone, location services, etc.

Great Marketing support: You can get the full support of native app from app stores and marketplaces. These stores offers users to easily find and download apps according to their choices.

Highly Ease For Developers: It becomes better for developers to workout native apps just because it has provided the SDK and all other tools to create the app with much more ease.

Highly Secure App: As the native app require the approval process from app store so the user become confident and fully compatible with their device.

Major Disadvantages – Native App Development

High Development Cost As the more development hours are required to develop this app so its cost will definitely high.

Maintenance Cost: Same as development the up keep cost for these apps is much higher

Advantages – Web Apps

Maintenance Cost and Time: As all have a common code so it is much easier to maintain

Better Portability: All web apps easily support to older devices

Simple Accessibility: All web apps easily on the device’s own web browser through a simple URL.

Development Ease: These are developed by simple programming languages such as HTML and CSS as well as IT professionals are easily available who can work on these platforms

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Disadvantages – Web Apps

Data Protection: These are not provide guaranteed safety for data protection or in simple words all these apps are less secure.

No Download Access: It is almost impossible to find them just because you can’t download them via an app store

Offline Execution: These apps don’t have features to work offline. The Internet connection must be absolute for execution.

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