Best Apps To Get More YouTube Subscribers (Free Or Cheap)

Best Apps To Get More YouTube Subscribers
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YouTube is the hub of content creation where individuals from varying backgrounds and niches come together to share their passions, knowledge, and creativity with the world. Whether it is makeup artists, gamers, cooking enthusiasts, or vloggers; everyone’s goal is the same – to attract more subscribers while building an engaged community around their channels.

But getting noticed and getting more subscribers is not as easy. Fortunately, there are a bunch of apps – either free or cost-effective – that can become your allies on this journey toward getting more subscribers.

In this article, we’ll take an expedition to unearth these apps and sites to get more subscribers easily. From free apps to affordable gems, we will discover a list of apps designed to take your YouTube channel to new heights, by getting real people to subscribe to you.

So let’s start.

1) TheYTLab

TheYTLab is a panel that offers real subscribers at a super cheap price. Users can get 1 subscriber for just $0.003!

It is an incredibly cheap website that allows you to get more subscribers (nearly) for free.

10 subscribers will cost $0.03, 100 subscribers $0.3, and 1,000 subscribers just $3.

Let’s see their options more in detail.

YouTube Subscribers + Likes + Views [Never Drop] (50+ Per Day)

  • This service provides an average of 50 new subscribers per day, with the potential to reach up to 100.
  • The subscribers are sourced from external applications and are genuine users.
  • It’s noteworthy that subscriber counts do not decrease over time, and a refill option is available if necessary.
  • Additionally, as part of this service, your channel will receive likes and views, adding credibility to your growth.
  • When using this service, make sure to select quantities in multiples of 10, and maintain a public subscriber counter.
  • To get started, you simply provide your channel link.

YouTube Fast Subscribers + Likes + Views [Never Drop] (300+ Per Day)

  • For those in pursuit of rapid growth, this service offers an impressive speed of 300+ new subscribers per day, potentially reaching up to 500.
  • These subscribers are real users acquired from external applications, ensuring authenticity.
  • Importantly, the subscribers obtained through this service do not drop.
  • As with the previous option, your channel will also receive likes and views to support its expansion.
  • When making a purchase, select quantities in multiples of 50, and maintain a public subscriber counter.
  • Initiating the process is as simple as sharing your channel link.

In essence, TheYTLab’s services provide YouTube content creators with the means to enhance their online presence and get more subscribers in seconds. This website can assist in growing your channel organically, making them a great place to get more subscribers.

To use it, just navigate to their website, sign-up to their dashboard and get started by adding funds and your channel link. No action is needed, therefore, TheYTLab, while charging users a bit, saves a lot of time. No need to subscribe to other people to unlock credits.

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They have more than 4 stars on Trustpilot, as a proof of their popularity and liking between YouTubers.

Their website:

Note: no need to download their app. Just go to the website and the user dashboard. The site is optimized for mobile devices.

2) Subsbooster (FREE):

SubsBooster isn’t just another app; it’s a tool that simplifies the path to channel growth. If you’re tired of sluggish subscriber rates and want to have more subscribers faster, SubsBooster is your answer.

This isn’t a typical subscriber app; it’s a member adder app, custom-made for creators like you. Whether you’re sharing vlogs, cooking recipes, or any other type of content, SubsBooster can help you build your audience.

What sets SubsBooster apart is its user-friendly approach. You don’t need to be a tech genius or a marketing guru to use it. SubsBooster is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that anyone can harness its power.

SubsBooster welcomes new subscribers every day, and you could become part of this exciting community! If you want to expand your YouTube presence and take it further, SubsBooster could be an invaluable asset.

It has 4,4 out of 5 stars rating on the app store, proving its worth among users. To use it, simply search for it on Google play or App store.

Consider that to unlock credits, you need to subscribe to other users or like their videos. So, while being free in terms of money, it will take time to generate credits that you can use.

3) Sub4Sub (FREE):

Sub4Sub has unmistakably earned its spot as one of the most trusted and secure appsmto bolster YouTube subscribers in 2023. This app provides content creators with a reliable ans safe way for expanding their channel’s subscriber count, without the concerns typically associated with subscriber acquisition strategies.

It operates within a secure and controlled environment, where individuals can exchange subscriptions with peace of mind. This subscriber exchange system not only elevates your viewer or subscriber count but also cultivates a supportive community of fellow YouTubers who understand the challenges and aspirations of content creation.

Building a thriving YouTube channel isn’t solely about numbers; it’s also about forging connections and collaborations within the community. Sub4Sub recognizes this vital aspect of growth.

In a landscape where YouTube’s algorithm heavily emphasizes engagement and community-building, Sub4Sub offers more than just numerical growth. It’s a gateway to forming meaningful relationships within the YouTube creator sphere, which can be an invaluable asset on your journey to YouTube success.

To use this app, go to your App store, search for “sub4sub” and download the app.

  1. Download and login to the app
  2. Search your video or channel from the search box, and then share it with other people.
  3. Other people from all over the world will watch your videos, subscribe to your channel and make them viral.
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This app also has great ratings: 4.6 stars out of 5. Again, to make credits, you need to also follow or like other YouTubers.

4) (CHEAP):

Next another very cheap website, which requires (very little money) but on the good side, it does not require you to subscribe other people to get credits. So, a few clicks and you can get hundreds of new subscribers.

What is TopSMM? is a versatile SMM Panel providing services for countless social media platforms, while maintaining high completion rate, cheap pricing and reliable services which will rarely get stuck or drop.

Regardless of the social media platform you need to promote – be it YouTube or something else – relying on TopSMM services is always a safe shot.

With just a few clicks, you may buy subscribers and expect fast results and services which work as described. As part of their SMM panel ticket system, you can count on expert support from their team with timely replies within the same day.

TopSMM offers a variety of YouTube subscriber services to boost your channel’s visibility and engagement. They provide various options to accommodate various needs and budgets.

For just $5 can get you up to 100,000 YouTube subscribers, at a speed rate of 500 to 2,000 new subscribers per day.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can also get smaller quantities. For instance, 100 subscribers for just $0.4 is possible.

Additionally, there’s a specialized service for Arabic subscribers with 4,000 subscribers for $62.90, added at a rate of 500 per day. Or, there’s an option for as much as 2,000 new subscribers per day.

TopSMM has many options of subscribers based on country, speed, and budget.

Remember to carefully consider your goals and budget when choosing the best YouTube subscriber app or site for your channel’s growth. And remember to consider if you value your time or money more.

5) Addmefast (FREE):

AddmeFast offers the broadest and most spacious selection of social media marketing and exchange options.

They provide free services for getting subscribers and likes on YouTube, as well as many other social media platforms.

Addmefast provides you with the opportunity to not only increase the number of people who like your videos or watch it, but also significantly increase the number of people who subscribe to your channel.

The most exciting part? You won’t need to spend a dime to accomplish any of this, and the end result will be of the highest caliber and happen in record time. So, also this website is free – as long as you follow or like the videos of other users, so to earn coins.

Your YouTube channel can be given a significant boost by Addmefast’s ability to bring in new subscribers at no additional cost to you.

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But, remember, having a large number of subscribers isn’t the only factor that determines how successful a channel is on YouTube; it’s also important to have active viewers who genuinely enjoy the content you upload and who provide positive comments and ratings. As well as high-quality content and frequent uploads!

Extra tips:

Growing your YouTube channel subscribers should be approached carefully, keeping in mind its ability to remain sustainable over time. While these tools may offer organic services, content remains the cornerstone of success – this list provides suggestions and considerations when expanding a channel:

  • Quality content is key: No app or service can ever take the place of producing content that is both high-quality and engaging, such as videos that are professionally edited to reach out to specific audiences. Before seeking subscribers, ensure your videos are engaging, professionally edited and beneficial to those you are trying to reach.
  • Engage with your subscribers: Interact with your audience on social media by responding to comments, seeking feedback from them and asking questions. Building genuine connections with them increases the chance that they’ll subscribe and remain subbed to you!
  • Promote on Social media: Reach more people by posting videos to popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as Reddit.
  • Collaborate with others: Work together with YouTube creators in your niche. This way you will also get FREE subscribers!
  • Consistency: Make sure new content is uploaded consistently and establish a regular posting schedule for videos to ensure more people subscribe to your channel. If viewers know when new videos will be uploaded, they will more likely subscribe!
  • Patience: Successful YouTube channels take time and dedication. Even if initial growth seems minimal, don’t allow this setback to discourage you – continue releaisng great content and have faith 🙂


Increasing YouTube subscriber numbers is a goal shared by many creators, and many software and online apps exist to assist with this pursuit. However, it is vital that this journey be taken with careful picking.

Especially, be careful to pricing. Some websites will ask a lot of money for a few subscribers. Luckily, there are apps and sites such as the ones in this list which offer either free or very cheap subscribers.

But also remember that while tools like TheYTLab, SubsBooster, Sub4Sub,, and Addmefast can provide a boost in subscriber numbers, they should be used with caution and in conjunction with a broader strategy for YouTube success, such as making great videos and promoting your videos.

Yet, these tools can help kickstart your channel’s growth, subscriber count and give more motivation. So, we hope this list helped you to find some highly-rated app and website to help in this matter. Good luck!

Best cheap app: TheYTLab
Best free app: Subsbooster


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