Best URL shortener to make money online

Best URL shortener to make money
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In this article we will talk about the most important ways of profit through the Internet “URL shortener”. It is an easy way to make money and do not need to make a great effort but it needs a little creativity. The more you click on your link, the greater the profits.

What is URL shortener?

URL shortener has many benefits, including that it helps to appear in search engines and engaging use because many of the public does not prefer long links but prefer short links that can be managed. There is another feature that allows to know how many times you have visited the site and who made this visit and for what has been this visit.


One of the most common and reliable short links in Germany. That brings money easily as soon as you click on your link you earn money per 1000 views from 3 to 5 dollars and this range varies depending on the country. The method of payment is through PayPal or another way is direct Deposit.

Another way of making money through the Internet is easy to use. It is a short URL.

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One of the most important features is that you have full control and gives the opportunity to know the public and increase profit per 1000 views minimum $ 3.5 and $ 20 maximum.

All you have to do is create an account and share the link on the pages of social networking and the Internet and with every click or increase his profit, if you convert to someone and earn 25% of them. Payment will be through PayPal and it pays daily to its users.

One of the most reliable and most lucrative short links. You get profits up to 80% through advertising and all this through your work from home on the Internet. Requires creating an account and sharing the link on social networks and YouTube where they can invite others to the link and earn 20% of their profits and be the way of payment PayPal and payment be every month.

This is a completely free way to make money online from home through which customers can support. The usual way is to create an account and shorten the link and share it on the Internet and every visit and click on your link increases profit, per 1000 views for a minimum of $ 3.

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One of the links is short and fast. Payments are sent to users on the first day of each month and the 15th day via PayPal or Payoneer. For every 1000 viewing profits up to $ 8. The more views and visits the more profits.

One of the most lucrative short URLs that display ads within 5 seconds. When referring to a friend you earn a 10% commission for life and pay via PayPal. It can shorten sites like linkbucks and

One of the famous sites cares a lot to make money from home via the Internet profit up to 20% when referring to a friend (you get 20% of the gain) must invite new users for every 1000 viewers. You can win from 5 to 15 $ or more depending on each country varies this domain and you should keep in mind that WordPress Bloggers help to increase profits. Payment is made by Paypal, Payoneer and Webmoney on the tenth of each month.

$ 20 for Payoneer, $ 5 for both PayPal, WebMoney.

It is the highest and most famous sites that give high profits per 1000 viewers profit from 5 to 7 dollars _ vary from one country to another _ 5 dollars is the minimum. Also you can get 10% profit for life and there is another 5% payment via Paypal.

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One of the free and famous sites that do not make you invest one dollar but this varies from country to country. Payment is made by Paypal, Skrill and Payza. Commission up to 20% for life.


Wright may be a lot of options on this subject. The most important thing is that you can profit from inside your home without any effort or excessive effort just need to train and a little skill to be able to use these profitable sites what you just have to join the URL shortener and choose your favorite site and start the trip and enjoy your time at home and you make money.

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