4 effective ways to reduce your CPC

4 effective ways to reduce your CPC
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Running ad campaigns on the web can be an expensive affair, especially if you are just starting out in your business. Most entrepreneurs aim for a high CTR (Click Through Rate) and a low CPC (Cost Per Click) on their campaigns, according to a digital marketing company in Pune.

But how can one achieve a low CPC without letting the overall campaign goals suffer?

At first, it is important that we understand the concept of CPC. Cost Per Click is the cost for the advertiser every time a user clicks on the ad. Thus, this is a highly significant metric for Search Engine Marketing, in the opinion of a digital marketing service in Pune.

Here are some ways to reduce your average CPC:

● Target Low Competition Keywords for Bidding

Google Ads keyword planner always shows the volume of competition on keywords. If you want to reduce your CPC then try and target keywords that have low competition. These keywords will give your ad more visibility when the user asks queries involving those keywords and will lead to a high CTR.

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● Pay Attention to Your Quality Score

Quality Score is an essential factor which determines your ads ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). According to a digital marketing agency in Pune, Quality Score depends on the landing page experience, the relevance of the ad and keywords, and the performance of your previous campaigns on Google.

Google’s algorithm uses all of this data to determine your Quality Score and in turn your bid value and the position of your ad. Therefore, to ensure low CPC, you must work on achieving a high-Quality Score.

● Using Long Tail Keywords and Negative Keywords

This technique appears to be probably the simplest to understand and implement, yet its execution is forgotten by a lot of businesses.

A digital marketing company in Pune found out that, generally long tail keywords have a lower number of searches, but a higher CTR, since the user is looking for a very specific product/service/information and would most likely respond to your call to action.

Negative keywords help in eliminating irrelevant searches. Search queries that are not useful to your ads might eat into your ad budget. So, it is better revealed a digital marketing service in Pune, to specify negative keywords.

● Location Based Targeting

Geo-targeting or location-based targeting has proven to be extremely effective for SEM campaigns. Users tend to respond more to ads about companies that are geographically closer to them or within their vicinity.

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For example, if I am looking for a salon, I would prefer a salon which is within a 3-4 km distance from my location. Thus, the belief of a digital marketing agency in Pune is that, if you clearly define the geographical radius that you wish to target with your ad, then you will lower your CPC.

Another important tip while you are on this mission of lowering your CPC is switching to manual bidding. Manual bidding will allow you to take control of the campaign and ensure that you have an eye on ad spend.

Reducing the CPC of a campaign is not very difficult but it requires a fine understanding of how search engines work! If you can master the search engine then you need not to worry about your ad spend exceeding your budget ever again.

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