3 Cool Clothing Businesses For Sale On Exchange Marketplace

Three Cool Cloth Business For Sale
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The fashion and apparel industry is always a high growth business category, if you have good products to present to your customers. So, instead of searching for the products to stock, you could consider buying an existing cloth business for sale with suppliers and storefront ready to go.

Three Cool Cloth Business For Sale

The choices in clothing and accessories are endless. You can find your own style to target. Here are three e-commerce sites that sell clothing in different niches.

Copping Styles

Three Cool Cloth Business For Sale

Copping Styles is a site that specializes in selling sports and games themed clothing. The most popular items in this store are Anime, Urban clothing. The store generated over $20,000 in revenue and the profits were used by the current owner to start another business that became even more successful. The seller now does not have enough time to devote to running this business, so this store is now up for sale.

Average Figures Per Month: Sessions 1,513 Revenue $1,090 Profit $1,500

Expenses: Shopify Plan – $35/month Domain – $2.50/month

Time to Spend: Not Mentioned

Three Cool Cloth Business For Sale

The seller designed and developed the webstore, built it up to be a successful business. The website just needs the new buyer to add their own products and set it up. The blueprint is there for a successful business, the store is ready to run.

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The buyer will get the webstore, Domain Name, Logo and Branding Assets, and related Social Media Accounts. The Facebook account for this business has enough followers to start the promotions and sales for the new owner.


Three Cool Cloth Business For Sale

This is a good opportunity for buyers to acquire a successful urban aesthetic clothing and accessories business. This dropshipping store sells curated collections from various independent designers. Mainly promoted through social media marketing, this store has generated almost $50k in sales since the current owner bought it a year ago. The business is being sold because the seller has received a partnership offer in a restaurant business and will not have enough time left to manage this store.

Average Figures Per Month: Sessions 3,275 Revenue $2,781 Profit $500

Expenses: Shopify Plan – $29/month Domain – $5/month

Time to Spend: Around 10 hours per week

Three Cool Cloth Business For Sale

The first owner of this store used Facebook Ads to promote the business and was highly successful. The current owner bought the store, redesigned the website and the FB page as the business was renamed and rebranded. Then an Instagram account was setup and for the seller, this became the primary channel to promote the store. Using both the IG page and IG influencers, the seller successfully developed this business even further. The average profit margin for the store’s products is between 30 to 45%. There is a good network of suppliers that the new owner will inherit.

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Along with Facebook and Instagram followers, the influencers also help generate more traffic and sales for the store. For the new owner, the seller suggests having a good FB Ads budget to direct more traffic to the site. The buyer will get the website, Domain Name, Logo and Branding Assets, Product Photos, Social Media Accounts, and Personal Support post-sale from the seller.

The Wild Lifestyle

Three Cool Cloth Business For Sale

This UK-based clothing webstore was launched in 2016. The shop sells clothing and gift items that give voice to those who can’t speak for themselves. These are products for animal lovers, each making a statement for animal rights. The owners decided to combine a love of fashion with their passion for animal welfare. The designs are hand drawn to make them unique for this store. With the major portion of sales coming from the UK, the store was doing pretty well, generating around $11K at its peak. However, the owner’s main business took off in the meantime, making it very difficult to devote the time and effort this website needs to keep it going.

Average Figures Per Month: Sessions 1,919 Revenue $2,750 Profit $4,000

Expenses: Shopify Plan – $26/month Domain – $0.92/month

Time to Spend: Not Mentioned

Three Cool Cloth Business For Sale

The Wild Lifestyle has not relied solely on social media to spread the word. The business has made donations to UK-based animal charities to reach out to the community, and the website has a high ranking on Google searches for their most popular products. To revive the store, the new owner just needs to add more products and start interacting with customers. Everything else is ready and set to go.

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When you buy this cloth business for sale, you get the website, Domain Name, Logo and Branding Assets, Social Media Accounts, Product Photos, and Personal Support after sale. You will also get a huge email list of contacts. These are customers who regularly follow and interact with animal related posts on the site’s social media pages, and are waiting for the store to come up with new product lines.

Visit Shopify’s exchange marketplace, and check out this cloth business for sale. One of these might be the perfect fit for your needs, and might be your new success story!

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