7 Popular Ways To Earn Money Through Blogging

7 Popular Ways To Earn Money Through Blogging
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The Internet is full of money making opportunities. But for them who knows how to make it. As much as over 400 ways to make money online. Blogging is one of those and I must say that one of the most reliable ways to earn decent money. There are also many ways to earn money through blogging.  In this post, I will tell you some of the easiest and popular ways to make money from your blog.

It needs time and patience though. Many bloggers from all around the globe earning enough money from their blog every month. Some of them are making even more than doctors and engineers. Believe me, you can live your dream life with blogging.

As I said earlier that it needs time and patience but it is not that hard. Some are earning from their 2-3 months old blog. You just need to execute all the plan well.

Your first target should be getting enough traffic. More traffic means more money. But you can make decent money with a low traffic blog also with targetted visitors.

In this post, I will tell you some of the easiest and popular ways to make money from your blog.

Simple Ways to Earn Money Through Blogging

#1. Adsense

Adsense probably the most popular and well-known money making way for bloggers. And yes this is also the easiest way to start earning. Create a blog then write 10-15 original quality articles and apply for the Google Adsense. Once you got the approval just start showing ads and make money.

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If you are a newbie blogger from India or Asia then try to get visitors from US, Canada or UK as much as possible. Because their CPC is higher than other countries have.

Adsense pay you for per ad clicks but they also pay you for every 1000 impressions.

Although it is not that hard to make money with AdSense yes if you want to make some serious money then you need really good traffic.

#2. Adsense Alternative

No doubt Adsense is the best ad publisher for bloggers. But not the only one in the market. There are many Adsense alternatives available today likes of Infolink, Chitika, BuySellAds which also had a very good reputation.

These companies also had fewer terms and conditions if you compare with AdSense to get approval.

Many bloggers today generating handsome income with these so why don`t you give them a try.

I don’t recommend to start showing any advertising if you don’t have a good amount of traffic each month. I think you should probably wait a while before you see a constant flow of visitors to your blog.

#3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to start monetizing when you have a low traffic blog. Believe me, you can generate good income with a few dozens of daily visitors.

The main target should be bringing targetted traffic from search engine. Targetting the correct long tail keyword probably the most important thing that you can do to get enough traffic from search engines.

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Now the question is what is affiliate marketing and how to make money with it?

Affiliate marketing is the place from where you can earn commission by selling third-party products. Few affiliate sales can make more money than what Adsense make in a month for an average blog.

There are many affiliate programs available for every niche. If you are in blogging niche than join hosting, premium themes and plugins affiliate programs.

#4. Sponsored Post

Sponsored post and reviews are a great way to make money if you have a good reputed blog. People love to publish their articles on popular blogs. So once your blog is in that category you can charge something to place third parties content on your blog.

You can also earn money through blogging with sponsored reviews. These are product reviews that a company offer to a blogger to promote their products. You can make a good amount quickly through paid reviews.

#5. Services

Once you have earned enough theoretical and practical knowledge on blogging than you can start many services on your blog. This is a guaranteed way to earn money through blogging.

Services that you can offer to other newbie bloggers:

i. How to start a blog.

ii. Writing content.

iii. How to install plugins and themes.

iv. How to migrate a blog from one to another blogging platform.

v. SEO guide. etc.

Once you get a few clients than you can earn decent money by teaching them above things.

#6. Selling Ebooks

Ebooks are today a great way to read and learn things from online.

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By creating and selling ebooks on store like amazon kindle you can earn decent passive income. But if you have a personal blog than you can directly sell them from there.

Just explore your knowledge and write down an interesting guide on a particular topic.  The topic should be related to your blogging niche. It will be great if you can share any success mantra of yours.

To make it more attractive give it a catchy headline and design a beautiful cover. You can sell your ebook as PDF file because this one is easy to read.

So just start promoting your ebook on social media and others platform to get more buyers for it.

#7. Direct Advertising

Advertising program likes Adsense, Infolink can give you unlimited income but it depends on your blog`s traffic and CTR.

Direct advertising can give you a good monthly income without selling any products.

Indirect advertising you are just giving a place on your blog to a company to show their ads.

Make sure that your blog has a good traffic and Alexa rank. Because you need to provide something for the advertisers. People will not going to advertise with your site if they don’t get anything in return.


So all these above-mentioned ways are great for an average blogger to earn money through blogging.

Don’t rely on a single income source. Try all the things and see what works good for you and strict with that.

So let me know through the comment which one is working well for you.

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