9 Effective Video Marketing Tips for Your Business

9 Effective Video Marketing Tips for Your Business
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The average human attention span is around eight seconds.

People spend even less time on a website, landing page, or social media post. If you’re digitally marketing your brand, you have less than eight seconds for your content to make an impact.

With the constant bombardment of content, people don’t have the time or patience to read long articles or large blocks of text.

A video, however, is more engaging and easier to consume.

There are many great video marketing tips available for you to learn. Check out these nine effective video tips to make the most of your next marketing campaign.

1. Focus on Quality

Have you heard the old saying, “quality over quantity?” This saying is absolutely true when it comes to video marketing.

Everything from the content you create to how you shape it in a video needs to be of the highest quality. Your audience can tell the difference between a quality video and one tossed together in a matter of minutes.

Hold your audience’s attention by making sure your video content is impactful and meaningful.

2. Educate Your Audience

Some of the most valuable and high-quality content is content that teaches your audience something new. Focus on crafting content that answers your audience’s questions or problems.

This is one of the best video marketing tips you can follow to start your video campaign.

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Did you know the number one category on YouTube is the How-To videos? Begin by creating videos that share tips and tricks about making the most of a product or service.

3. Tell a Story

A strong storyline is the foundation of effective video marketing for businesses.

Remember, your audience is human. Your videos need to share a story that’s engaging and relatable.

The storyline will set the foundation of your video marketing campaign. If it’s weak, your entire campaign will be flimsy and ineffective. Even the best Video Production service won’t be able to save your video.

Research your target audience and craft a storyline they’ll love.

4. Repurpose Blog Posts

Is your marketing team tight on time? Save time by repurposing your blog posts into videos.

By repurposing your most popular blog posts, you’ll be able to reuse content you know works. Reformatting this content into a video will allow it to reach a larger audience and make it more desirable.

5. Use Live Video

Boost connectivity and engagement with your audience by using live video to speak with them directly.

As live streaming continues to grow in popularity, there are many ways you can interact and live stream with your audience. Popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook allow you to Live Stream from anywhere, anytime you’d like.

Live video is perfect for hosting Q&A sessions or sharing news about a live event. Your audience will enjoy the engagement and sense of being a part of something. Live feeds will help you establish yourself as an expert in your industry.

6. Spark Interests With Teaser Videos

Every brand experiences a lull, a time where audience engagement drops and appears bored.

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Excite your audience by building suspense and mystery around your brand. Teaser videos are an effective way of building excitement around a new product release or business event. Your audience will be on the edge of their seats and will want to learn more.

Make the most of video advertising by keeping the teaser videos short. Consider combining these videos with a contest or another marketing tactic. Have your audience make guesses about the new product. This will stir their interest while boosting engagement.

7. Keep Videos Short

Remember, the attention span of the average adult is only a few seconds. Your videos need to grab your audience’s attention in just a few short seconds!

The best video marketing videos are short and to the point.

The recipe for an effective and short video is straightforward. Open with an intriguing, shocking, or funny opening scene. Use a well-planned storyline to continue the content and end with a call to action.

It’s that simple.

The next piece of advice is to keep your videos around 60 seconds or shorter. This length of time will fit most platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

Stick to a quick peppy video style to engage your audience and gain more views. This style will also keep the duration of your video short.

8. Copy Pull-Outs

The majority of social media users will watch videos without sound. You need to think of an effective way to make your brand message heard when your video is playing silently.

The solution is adding animated and catchy copy pull-outs. Use this copy to summarize and complement the video’s voice-over.

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Or, use the copy pull-outs as the sole voice of the video. Both are effective video marketing tips that will share your content and engage the viewer.

9. Optimize For Platforms and Devices

The time and work you put into your video will be pointless if it doesn’t properly work on the right platforms and devices.

Many businesses continue to make a major mistake by creating one video and throwing it onto all of their social and marketing platforms. This lack of video optimization will make your videos less successful on other channels.

YouTube and Facebook are the two major video giants. YouTube is ideal for how-to and informative videos. Facebook videos tend to be more entertaining. Create different individual videos to properly fit these platforms.

Optimization will ensure your videos work on a variety of marketing channels. This involves ensuring your videos will format and work properly on different social platforms.

The other side of optimization is making your video responsive so it can work on mobile devices. The majority of internet users will view marketing videos on their mobile smartphones. Ensure your videos are responsive to work on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Video Marketing Tips That Work

Do you want to add video media to your next marketing campaign?

Video is a popular media that’s content to grow. By following these nine effective video marketing tips, your videos are sure to boost your marketing efforts. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to give video marketing a try.

Do you enjoy learning new ways to boost your business? Check out our latest How-To articles to learn more today!

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