How to Fix My iPhone Won’t Ring (100% Working)

Why My Phone Not Ring and How to Fix iPhone Won't Ring (100% Real)
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How to fix My iPhone Won’t Ring Problem. Of course, it is very frustrating when the calls on your phone bug. Where this is the official field for which the phone was manufactured. So why is My iPhone Won’t Ring when I receive a message or a call from contacts. In fact, it is very simple and easier than you can imagine. Whereas, some errors may have occurred in the system or in the audio and call settings. In addition to some other factors, which we will mention later.

Such as factors of concern and hygiene. In addition to avoiding the arrival of water and liquids to the speaker. As it may cause damage, another break step on your phone. But in most cases, the reasons are very simple. All you need to do are some simple routine steps. Without the need to download an external tool or file. Also, you will not make any effort to get rid of the My iPhone Won’t Ring problem. Besides, you will not pay any money to fix the problem.

Also, you will not have to jailbreak your iPhone to solve the iPhone Won’t Ring problem. Where all the steps are very simple and related to the sound settings and profiles in your device. Based on that, today we will provide you with the best solution to the My iPhone Won’t Ring problem. In addition to explaining all the reasons that lead to this annoying error. So, follow us below and you will know all the details and other necessary information.

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How to Fix iPhone Won’t Ring Problem

Why My iPhone Won’t Ring

If the problem is that the ring sound is very weak. Then, the problem is not in the software or the settings. This means that there is something to prevent the sound from escaping from the headphones. Such as dust, lint, debris, hair, and others. And in this case, you will not need activation steps in the sound settings or modes. But you just need to open your device and clean the headphones thoroughly with the appropriate tools.

But if the problem is that your phone does not make any sounds while someone is calling you. Or when you receive some messages sometimes. Then, the problem needs some simple steps in the situations in your setup. Besides adjusting some sound settings. You may have set one of the settings incorrectly. Which caused the problem of the iPhone Won’t Ring. So, you will check your phone’s audio replay, along with the call settings. Airplane mode must also be disabled.

Also “Do not Disturb” mode must be disabled. Where when you enable one of these modes it may cause a problem with the ring. Also, you should check conditions well. You may have enabled silent mode and not remember. Also, you can check out some other options. Which has to do with the volume setting and the ringtone level. And many other simple reasons. Which will provide you with the best solution to get rid of this problem. So follow us below to learn more details and other steps.

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Best Way to Fix My iPhone Won’t Ring Problem 2021

Best Way to Fix My iPhone Won't Ring Problem 2021

Make Sure the Volume is at the Appropriate Level

Sometimes the problem is due to a low volume. Which is sometimes caused by kids messing with your iPhone. Or keep your device in an inappropriate pocket while sitting. Which leads to the occurrence of the problem. So check the volume of the ringtone on your phone.

Ensure That the Calling Number is Not Blocked

Also one of the other reasons that cause the iPhone Won’t Ring problem. You may have blocked a particular contact. Thus, no sound will be generated by the device when it contacts you. Where Apple provides a contact blocking feature to avoid inconvenience. So check your block list.

Turn Off Do Not Disturb Mode

Another common cause of the iPhone Won’t Ring problem is also. You always enable do not disturb mode. Which leads to the occurrence of the problem. Therefore, do not disturb mode in your phone must be disabled. So you can easily solve the error.

Ensure That the Problem is Not With the Ringtone

Also sometimes the problem is in the type of tone itself. You may have downloaded a ringtone in a format that is not compatible with your phone. So check the sound settings. Then try to change the ringtone. Where this step succeeded with many other users.

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Check That Your Device is Not Related to the Headphone

Also one of the other reasons that cause iPhone Won’t Ring error. Maybe your phone is connected to the headphone. As you will find the headphone icon still on top of your screens. So try restarting your iPhone until the headphone icon at the top of your screen disappears.

Try to Disable the Silent Mode if it Enabled

In many cases, the user forgets to disable the silent mode. Where it causes iPhone Won’t Ring problem. In this case, you will disable the silent mode. As we told above in case your phone is left with your kids. Then you will find many other mistakes.


Do you suffer from a problem with the ring called? Is your iPhone not making any sound while someone is calling you? Then the real and final solution is here. As we have provided the best steps to solve the My iPhone Won’t Ring problem. In addition, we have explained the most important reasons for this problem. In addition to all the steps to get rid of this error. We have also explained some causes that may cause an error in ringing tones. So, follow the explanation steps above. Then share your opinion in a comment.

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