My iPhone ‘Cannot Verify Server Identity’ Best Way to Fix This Error 2021

Cannot Verify Server Identity Best Way to Fix This Error 2021
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How to Fix the “Cannot Verify Server Identity” error for iOS? It is one of the most annoying problems that iPhone and iOS users face. Where it has recently spread some chronic problems. Which suffers from most users of iPhone and Apple devices. Where you may face a problem with no internet despite the WiFi connection. Also, there are some problems with supporting external files and Apps. In addition to some third-party games and downloads. All this and more makes the user feel frustrated. And on top of these errors and problems faced by iOS phones.

Is the error of Cannot Verify Server Identity. Which not enables you to send an e-mail to your friends. Where a pop-up window appears that carry a message saying. The App cannot verify the identity of the server. This is one of the mistakes that may bother you most when sending an e-mail to your friends. Also, this error means that the device considers the mail server certificate to be fake. Also, the causes of the Cannot Verify Server Identity error. It differs from one device to another and from one person to another.

But the content of the problem is always the same. In addition, the steps for fixing the Cannot Verify Server Identity error are very easy. Also, it will work successfully with all versions of the iPhone. In addition to iPhone 9, 10, 11, 12, Pro Max, X, XR, and others. So, follow us next and you will know all the necessary details. As we will provide you with all the steps to fix the Cannot Verify Server Identity error. In addition to the most important reasons that cause this error. And other details. So follow us next for more other information.

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About My iPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity Error

Cannot Verify Server iDentity error is among the common and frequent errors of iOS devices. You are prevented from sending an e-mail. In addition to some other errors in Apps and phone files. As you just open an App or send a mail to your friend. Then a window will appear saying that the mail server certificate is fake. Or, the mail App cannot verify the identity of the server. However, there are some simple steps that will help you easily solve a problem.

Besides, error messages will stop appearing and mail can be sent easily. One of the first causes of this error is your phone. Is the SSL certificate may not be reliable. So SSL Certificate is verified. Once iPhone is connected to the mail server securely. Then what will happen if the SSL certificate is not trusted. If it is found that the certificate is not reliable or has expired. Also if the SSL certificate is not signed by a well-known company or does not match the domain name.

Then the secure connection will fail and you will see the Cannot Verify Server iDentity error message. So how do I fix the Cannot Verify Server iDentity error? It is very simple and in very easy steps. Mostly, you will not need to download any external file to your phone. Plus, you probably won’t jailbreak your device. Maybe you will reset or change some settings. But all the steps will be very simple and the problem will be solved quickly. So follow us next to fix the Cannot Verify Server iDentity problem.

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How to Fix “Cannot Verify Server Identity” And SSL Error for iOS

How to Fix “Cannot Verify Server Identity” And SSL Error for iOS

Update Mail App Will Help to Fix Cannot Verify Server iDentity Error

Updating your mail App will help you a lot in solving your problem. Where updating the apps leads to fixing many problems in the version of the App itself. As there are many errors related to application development. So update your mail app.

Restart the Mail App to Fix Cannot Verify Server iDentity Error

Also, another step that you will try to solve the problem. You will restart the Mail App on your device. The mail App may have encountered an obstacle or error during operation. So, restart the Mail App and check if the error resolved or not.

Check the Time / Date Settings

Also one of the other reasons that may cause the Cannot Verify Server Identity error. The time and date settings are incorrect. Or not identical to the timing of the region in which you live. Also, the inaccurate time and date in your device will cause you some other errors. So, set the time and date.

Also, Try to Use Other Connection

Most of the time, the error message is due to your network connection. The network you are connected to may not be secure. And you must change your network connection to another connection different from another network. So try to change the connection to another network.

Try to Re- Login to Your Account

Also one of the other solutions that will help you solve your problem. You are re-logging into your e-mail account. As there may have been a change or an update in the server settings. Therefore, try to re-log into your account to fix the error.

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In the Mail Settings Disable SSL

Sometimes or often the socket layer is used to encrypt the connection. Which is between your iPhone and the proxy server. So you will disable SSL from the mail settings. Where the Cannot Verify Server iDentity error with many other users was resolved with this step.

Update Your Deveis & Delete the History

Also, one of the best solutions may be updating your iOS device. As some corrupt files may accumulate on your phone data. Besides, delete your phone’s browsing history. Where the browsing history will provide enough space to receive new data.

Reset All Your iPhone Settings

And finally, in order to make sure that all settings work properly. And the problem is not in your system. Then you will reset your phone settings. This may be one of the most important steps that will help you solve the Cannot Verify Server iDentity error easily.


If you encounter an error message while sending mail. Or if a window appears to you saying “Cannot Verify Server Identity” when you open a mail App. Then you can get rid of this problem forever now. Where we have provided all the necessary information and details about this error above. In addition to saving eight very important and unique steps. With a simplified explanation, smooth steps. In order to be able to fix the problem of My, iPhone Cannot Verify Server easily. So go through the previous steps to solve your problem. Then we shared your opinion on the comments.

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