Importance Of using Hashtags on Instagram

Importance Of using Hashtags on Instagram
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Are you using online platforms like Instagram? Are you uploading pictures and content on online platforms? But didn’t get enough likes, views, and followers on your post on Instagram? Read this article if you want to increase the likes of your post. In this article, I will tell you about hashtags.

What are hashtags, how they’ll help you in increasing the likes of your post, and about some amazing hashtags?

What are Hashtags?

Hashtags are a type of data when placed with images, making it easy to find similar images related to the particular image. Users can see other tagged posts on nature pictures by clicking on #Naturepicture written in a post.

When were Hashtags first used?

Hashtags were first used on the platform Twitter in the year 2007. Users complained that the stream was too random; therefore, hashtags were created to gather relevant posts together.

Chris Messina, who is a Technology Product Designer, used the hashtag for the first time to solve the problem.

Are hashtags a powerful tool in the new digital world?

Hashtags have now become the new and essential social media staple and feature.

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While some say that hashtags have lost their effectiveness, they should still be prioritized in your social media strategy.

According to Later’s ‘State of Instagram Influencer Marketing in 2020’ research,

Influencers utilize four times more hashtags than they did in 2016.

In addition, those with several hashtags received increased engagement and the maximum number of likes on their post.

According to a survey by Agorapulse, posts with hashtags received 70 percent more likes than those without them.

Unseen content has resulted from Instagram’s altering algorithm. For success, specific tools are required.

Hashtags make it easier for newcomers to find a particular type of content and plot a route on social media.

While it’s obvious why we need hashtags, the selection of the proper hashtags is a very crucial thing.

Important features of Hashtags

Hashtagging is a simple and easy-going process done by many famous and infamous influencers on big platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and many more. Any person can form their hashtags quickly and fluently.

Hashtags are a great way to grab attention and likes from others through different platforms.

Today on Instagram, many influencers are becoming famous and familiar faces to the public due to these hashtags.

As crucial as hashtags are for increasing the engagement on your account, posts and followers are also equally important for grabbing the attention of the newcomers to your account.

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More posts and videos on your account will make you initially more famous.

The hashtag is also used for increasing likes and views, but content matters too, what your page contains and how attractive your posts are.

Some new and trendy hashtags which will definitely increase the number of likes on your post:

  1. #Instagram
  2. #Blog
  3. #Blogger
  4. #Model
  5. #Love
  6. #Beautiful
  7. #Photography
  8. #Fashion
  9. #Followme
  10. #Like
  11. #lol
  12. #BeautyQueen

Hashtags are the new way to establish your own brand and yourself throughout the globe.

Hashtags provide a feature through which people can explore your brand with just a click.

Many big companies use hashtags for their campaigns, businesses, holidays, etc.

You should make and add such hashtags that people are interested in and want to see in your brand.

You do not have to copy the hashtags that others are using. You can easily make your own unique and interesting hashtags.

There are many tools that analyze all the factors and then also help you in generating your own hashtags.

Some features you should remember while putting up your hashtags on the post:

  1. You have to use hashtags in your every post. Only then it’ll help you in growing.


  1. Use a limited amount of hashtags in a particular post as people may not find them easily, and others can easily copy them.
  2. Don’t use unnecessary hashtags. Use only those hashtags which are relevant to the post or the things which are shown in that particular post.
  3. You have to make a combination of hashtags that include good quality captions.
  4. Do not copy hashtags, as it will not leave a good impression.
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These were some of the significant points you should remember before making your hashtags.

Hashtags are important for the growth of a particular person and their brand in today’s digital platforms.

I hope the content provided was relevant and helpful for you. Do share if you found this amazing.

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