Kilometer per hour to mile per hour: how to convert the units of speed quickly

Kilometer per hour to mile per hour: how to convert the units of speed quickly
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What is km to mph? It is a type of speed conversion where km stands for kilometers, m for miles, and “ph” means “per hour”. Speed conversion may not be as common as length or weight but it is still necessary. Planning a car trip across Great Britain or the United States? You will possibly need to do a conversion. Just want to buy a foreign vehicle? The need to convert km to mph is here again. Even while reading a book or watching a movie, you may come across a speed description and wonder how fast is this.

You may not need calculations at all. If your numbers are pretty common and sought-after, you may find results ready for you in a conversion table.

conversion table

If a specific speed has to be calculated, an online converter may come in handy. The trick is to find a free, fast, and precise one. And to have an internet connection, of course.

But the truth is, the conversion of kph to mph is not complex. As you can see, an hour is a constant value in this calculation, so all you need is a corresponding ratio for a kilometer to a mile and a simple mathematical operation.

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A brief overview of two units

The kilometer is spelled kilometre in British English. It belongs to the International System of Units (SI system) to measure geographical distance. In the case of speed, kph means what distance the vehicle or another object can cover in a particular time period (per hour).

Throughout the course of its history, the kilometer had various names. At first, it was called Millaire and fell back in popularity before myriametre (10,000 meters). In the Netherlands, it was known under the local name “mijl” until 1867. In 1935, the International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM) officially stopped using the prefix “myria” and, thus, the myriametre. With it, the kilometer got its recognition.

A kilometer equals 1,000 meters. Being a part of the SI system, it is widely used globally—except for the USA and UK. And this is why we need to convert kmh to mph in the first place.

When speaking solely of length, a mile is abbreviated as mi to avoid mixing with meters. Originating from the old English length unit equal to 5,280 English feet, or 1,760 yards, it is presently used as a British imperial unit and United States customary unit of distance. In 1959, two states standardized it with respect to SI units. Besides those two countries, miles can be seen in Liberia and some other small states, historically closely connected to UK or US.

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The mile can be also called international, or statute, mile because other units with a similar name, such as Russin or Croatian mile, exist.

Two formulas for conversion calculation

To convert kph to mph, remember the following numbers:

1 km = 0.6214 mi(Int)

1 mi(Int) = 1.6093 km

Now, you have your speed in kph to convert and two ways to get a result. Either multiply your number by 0.6214 or divide by 1.6093. For example, when converting 100 km to mph, we simply multiply 0.6214 by a hundred (even will not need a calculator for that!) and get 62.14 miles per hour. You can try it with another number, and it will always work perfectly:

Two formulas for conversion calculation

And if you just need to quickly convert kilometers to miles per hour without mathematical solutions, use a free online converter for an instant and accurate result:

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