Why is My iPhone No Service? How to Fix that Error for iPhone 6/7 and Up

Why is My iPhone No Service? How to Fix that Error for iPhone 6,7 and Up
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Why is iPhone No Service? Did you see a “Searching” in progress message while running a file on your iPhone? Did you see an alert message saying “No Service” once you launch an App? Are you see this alert while connecting to the Wi-Fi network? Then you are in the right place now. Where we will provide you with the best answers to all the previous questions.

Which is one of the most annoying problems for iPhone and Apple users. This torch prevents you from comfortably running the App and media on your device. In addition to some other problems related to the performance and speed of your iPhone. Despite that, the problem with iPhone No Service is not very serious. Also, it can not cause serious damage to your phone data.

As it is a routine problem and it recurs frequently with many users. Besides, the steps to get rid of this alert message are very simple. And you don’t need any great effort. Also, you will not have to pay any money or go-to maintenance or technical. Where we will provide you with very easy and simple steps today. And that you can do it yourself and without any assistant.

In order to be able to Fix the Problem of iPhone No Service forever. But before we show you how to solve the alert message. Then you must first identify some of the reasons that can appear for this error message. Which includes the updated machine and iOS version for your device. In addition to some errors in the settings or enable modes.

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Why is My iPhone No Service

My iPhone No Service, of course, is one of the annoying alert messages for iPhone users. As soon as you start a game, App, file, or even connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network. Then you will find on your screen an alert message iPhone Says No Service. Therefore, you cannot access the data you want. So what is the Best Solution to the My iPhone No Service Error 2021? Before we get to know together the steps to Fix the No Service problem. Then you should have an idea of ​​the most important reasons for this error.

As the problem is most likely due to the software or updates. In addition to the inability of your iPhone to access this App due to updates. So, if the problem is due to an app crashing. Then the solution here would be to update the app by itself. Whereas, once you update the App, you will be given the opportunity to read the data again. Consequently, the problem of appearing search messages has disappeared. But sometimes some issues users face some other problems.

Which is represented by problems connecting to the Internet. In addition to problems with the performance and capacity of your equipment. In addition to the inability to turn on the mobile data and the appearance of alert messages. If you have encountered any of the mistakes that we talked about above. And looking for the best solution to get rid of this problem. Then, follow the steps on how to fix My iPhone No Service below. In addition to more details and other important information.

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Best 5 Way to Fix iPhone No Service Bug 2021

Best 5 Way to Fix iPhone No Service Bug 2021

Update your iPhone’s iOS Version

The first step will be to update your iOS device to the latest version. Whereas, the problem of appearing alert messages when running the app is generally due to updates. Where when updating your phone can lead to system data re-reading. And thus you will get rid of the problem of appearing iPhone No Service message permanently. Therefore, we recommend that you update your iOS to the latest version.

Turning Mobile Data On and Off

Also from the other easy and intuitive steps. The one that can greatly contribute to solving your problem quickly is Mobile Data. Where you can check mobile data and enable it. Also, if it is already enabled, you can disable the automation and then re-enable mobile data. Many users have tried this step and it has already worked.

Force Restart Your iPhone

This step may not be important to you. You often ignore restarting your phone forever. Because you think that the solution to the problem is much further than that. On the contrary, forcing restarting your iPhone is a positive step. Also, it can help in the disappearance of alert messages from the first time. So restart your phone shortly by volume control buttons with the main button.

Check Your Carrier Settings

If you don’t know much about phone Carrier Settings. Then we can tell you that it is some of the settings that you can access through the “General Settings” on your device. Which contains many distinguished updates. In addition, it helps in solving many problems and errors of the iPhone. So try to check and update the cell phone settings to Fix the iPhone No Service problem.

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Turn Airplane Mode & Re-Plug SIM Card

The last step you will take to solve this problem forever. You will temporarily enable airplane mode on your phone. Also, if you are already using Airplane mode on your device, you can disable it and then enable the mode again. You can also reinstall your SIM card. In order to help the software system to read the contact data again.

How to Fix My Phone Says No Service for iOS & iPhone

In order to be able to get rid of this problem for all versions of iPhone and iOS. Then you can click here. Then you will be directed to another page. Then you will be able to end the My Phone Says No Service problem.


Did you run an App and you see a “Searching” message? Did you try to log in to an optimized game and found the message “No Service”? Do you see some alert messages once you use your device’s apps? Then you can get rid of all these obstacles easily and quickly. As we have provided the best steps to Fix the iPhone No Service problem. Besides, we have explained the most important reasons for these alert messages. In addition to providing the best steps to solve this problem for iPhone. Share your opinion in the comments.

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