Top 10 Anime Series to Stream on HBO Max Right Now

Top 10 Anime Series to Stream on HBO Max Right Now
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Anime series have gained massive popularity on a global level due to their unique plot, characters, and originality in themes. Here, we will share with you 10 of the best anime series which you can stream on HBO Max right now. We are sure that you will enjoy it just as we did!


Erased is the story of time-turning events which caused a young boy to go back in the past to stop the death of his mother. He, however, becomes involved in a series of kidnappings which he has to solve at any cost. The ups and downs in his life give him responsibilities that he never expected to fulfill. It is a very interesting series for you to spend your weekend watching.

Your Lie in April

This is a wholesome romantic anime series that revolves around the story of a young guy who loses his ability to play piano after his mother dies and becomes depressed. That continues until he meets a girl who is gifted at playing the violin. The two make music together and harbor feelings for each other in the process. Watch Your Lie in April for a fun and lighthearted watch this weekend.

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if you enjoy violence and action in a show, then this one is perfect for you. Berserk is the story of a former mercenary, Guts who is constantly traveling due to a curse mark that brings all the enemies to him. His mission in life is to find a cure for his curse mark and also to seek revenge for his friend who betrayed him.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

This is a personal favorite of a lot of anime lovers, as the show contains a perfect dose of action, romance, comedy, and wholesome moments between the cast. The story revolves around Aang, who was buried under the ice for a hundred years as the last air bender on earth. He is joined in his journey by Katara and Zoku, who become his companions for life.

Jujutsu Kaisen

After he eats a cursed object, Yugi’s body becomes a vessel for a dangerous being called the King of Curses, Ryomen Sukuna. What happens next is a series of unfortunate events which occurs on his journey of getting the curse lifted from him with the help of a bunch of sorcerers. This show is great for a perfect dose of fiction and dark magic.

Hunter X Hunter

This show revolves around a group of hunters who are on a mission to defeat criminals and hunt for treasures all over the world. Among them is a 12-year-old boy called Gon Freecss. Rather than searching for treasures, he is on a mission to search for his long-lost father. He gets help from the people he finds on his journey and they embark on their journey together.

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Death Note

Death Note becomes one of the most popular anime series in the world due to its unique and astounding storyline. The plot revolves around Light Yagami, who finds a mysterious notebook that is thrown by a grim reaper on earth. Light initially uses the notebook to kill off criminals but later becomes corrupted in the process and kills people who would oppose him. This is a thrilling series that everyone must watch at least once.

Tokyo Revengers

When Takemichi Hanagaki is sent back in time to when he was a middle-school student, he uses his knowledge of the future to change his fate as well as of his girlfriend who died in the future. The series is great with a perfect combination of humor, drama, action, as well as suspense. It is a fun watch if you are looking for a good anime series to pass your free time.

Dr. Stone

An unclear turn of events turns entire humanity into stone, including a teenage genius with a strong control in science, Senku Ishigami. While it takes him a lot of time, he does eventually manage to escape his stone prison and works hard to build humanity from scratch. You can watch this interesting anime series on HBO Max in UK, Canada, or any other country of your residence.

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To Your Eternity

This Japanese manga series revolves around the plot of an orb that can turn into anyone and anything. Its shape-shifting quality allows it to make connections with anyone. This is a very emotional watch as it focuses usually on attachments, grief, life, etc.

Final Thoughts

So, here are the top 10 anime series to stream on HBO Max right now. Each series is unique in its genre and unlike any other which you may have streamed before. So without any further ado, choose the one you like most and start streaming!

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