These 5 Cryptocurrencies may continue to surprise to the upside

These 5 Cryptocurrencies may continue to surprise to the upside
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Some cryptocurrencies are currently dominating their respective markets.

STX, ETH, IMX, BNB, and Bitcoin are a few of them.

On March 21 and 22, there was a meeting of the Federal Reserve. The most widely used currency is bitcoin, which has attracted about 23% of investors thus far.

Both Europe and the US were experiencing a banking crisis.

Because BTC is currently seen as the safest currency, this has caused consumers to purchase more of it. By the month of June, according to Srinivasan, the price of bitcoin will reach close to one million dollars.

But anything is possible with cryptocurrencies. Tell us more about the main currencies’ exchange rates and other things. In this article, we will explore the future of payment systems with cryptocurrency and how platforms like are leading the way.

Best 5 cryptocurrencies that may surprise the upside. Below mentioned are some of them.

Bitcoin and its price

On March 17, Bitcoin broke through the $25,250 resistance and finished a bullish inverse head-and-shoulders pattern.

In most circumstances, a breakout from a significant setup returns to retest the breakout level, but occasionally the rally goes on indefinitely.

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If the price falls below the moving averages, the optimistic outlook will be rendered invalid in the near future. A move like that would imply that the break over $25,250 might have been a bull trap.

Ethereum price analysis

The region between $1,680 and the 20-day EMA ($1,646) is the crucial support to keep an eye on the downside.

If the price moves out of this range, it will indicate that traders are now buying at discounts and that mood has become positive.

On the other hand, it will signal that the bulls are losing control if the price declines and slips below the moving averages. The ETH/USDT pair might thereafter fall below $1,461.

BNB and it’s price analysis

The responsibility for maintaining the price above the nearby support at $318 falls on the bulls.

The path of least resistance is to the higher, according to the upward-sloping 20-day EMA ($309) and the RSI that is close to the overbought zone.

The price must be pulled back below the moving averages for bears to take the upper hand.

The 20-EMA is where the pair has corrected.

If the bulls want to continue their upward movement, they must successfully defend this level.

Bulls may start the second phase of the rally if they pass this resistance level.

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Immutable also holds a place in the top 5

It was on March 17, that Immutable (IMX) extremely got a hike and its price extremely reversed.

If the price strongly reverses off of this level, the bulls may have turned the level into support.

The IMX/USDT pair may then surge to $1.85 before reaching $2 later. The reversal setup’s pattern goal is $2.23.

If the price falls beneath the moving averages, this optimistic outlook can be reversed in the near future.

The break above $1.30 might have been a bull trap if such a move is made. Then, the pair might fall to $0.80.


The best meme cryptocurrency to purchase before the next bull run starts.

One of the greatest cryptocurrencies to invest in over the long run is dogecoin. It is regarded as one of the top meme coins and the most undervalued cryptocurrency for 2022.

In fact, one of the most widely purchased cryptocurrencies last year was dogecoin.

By making an investment now, you can enter the market at a significant discount. This indicates that Dogecoin may currently be purchased for 82% less than its anticipated price.

The Graph

Invest in blockchain indexing’s fastest-growing sector.

Another item on the list of top cryptos that you want to pay particular attention to is The Graph.

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A decentralized indexing technology called The Graph is used to query data for networks like IPFS and Ethereum.

The primary goal of this international API is to arrange blockchain data and make GraphQL an easy way to access it.


The top ten prospective cryptocurrencies to invest in this year have, however, been highlighted for you in this guide to cryptocurrency investing.

Each has been covered in this article along with the elements that make them the top cryptocurrencies available right now.

Bitcoin smart can be easily accessible and can be used efficiently for investing and trading.

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