The best blockchain experience with a hi-tech crypto wallet

The best blockchain experience with a hi-tech crypto wallet
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Are you new to the cryptocurrency market? A proficient digital currency trader who wants to speed up buying, selling, and exchanging on a convenient platform? Or a company that needs pre-provided crypto-based business solutions? Regardless of who you are of the above, you can trust that all necessary tools for your crypto and virtual assets will be found at It is a complete ecosystem built on the web and apps base that makes your blockchain experience fast, easy, and guaranteed at the highest level of security.

Discover the great features of OWNR Wallet in the article below.

Overview of OWNR Wallet

The proliferation of digital currency services makes many participants in the blockchain system struggle to choose the best wallet to store, exchange, and buy cryptocurrencies. Whether the variety of additional services is suitable for the needs.

In 2018, OWNR Wallet was born as a means to save those concerns, because, above all, OWNR wallet users have all the solutions in a single application. OWNR is developed under the auspices of a world-renowned legal entity in fintech, cybersecurity, marketing, and cryptocurrency. Needless to say, this licensed crypto wallet software application was warmly welcomed and responded to, attracting millions of users from more than 200 countries and territories with branches in 7 major countries, including US, Australia, and Canada.

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This is a cross-platform wallet that allows trading more than 10 popular coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, and all ERC-20 tokens. OWNR Wallet’s transaction and payout methods are also considered to be the most flexible compared to similar platforms. OWNR accepts debit, Visa, Master card, and Union Pay and also supports customer payment gateways, as well as more secure payment methods like SEPA and SWIFT for large transactions.

Let’s take a look at the following reasons why OWNR Wallet has won the hearts of crypto enthusiasts:

1. OWNR Wallet ensures the fastest and easiest basic crypto transactions

Users can easily find supported coins and tokens right on the main interface of the OWNR Wallet application, without having to find and add manually. To buy cryptocurrency, a user simply sends a crypto address once to the seller. You are allowed to create up to 20 accounts to initiate new transactions without waiting for the current transaction to complete. Compared with other digital money wallet software, this feature makes it much easier and faster for users to make crypto purchases on OWNR Wallet. Multiple payment methods are provided for the merchants to choose from. However, due to security factors, you cannot link your debit card to OWNR Wallet but have to enter the card information for each new transaction. All basic cryptocurrency trading operations are simplified, making it possible even for beginners to transact on the blockchain system without hassle.

2. Fast and convenient in-app cryptocurrency exchange on OWNR Wallet

OWNR Wallet owners can exchange within the wallet with BTC, ETH, USDT, DASH, ZEC, and LTC coins, and more shortly, thanks to the integration of API technology that links the platforms on a single application. In addition to eliminating back-and-forth platform switches, exchangers can also proactively set an optional network commission to speed up transactions as well as manage risk during sudden price spikes.

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3. OWNR Wallet provides advanced solutions to support businesses

Any current digital wallet software on the market has rarely crypto-related business solutions for companies except OWNR.

Besides supporting payments with SWIFT and SEPA for bulk purchases, OWNR wallet also offers customers payment gateways for businesses to integrate on their websites. Your customers can directly purchase and pay through the OWNR wallet payment gateway without any additional verification if they are already registered on your domain.

4. Flexible deposit and withdrawal from OWNR Wallet with Visa prepaid card

OWNR Wallet provides partners with a prepaid Visa card that connects to their OWNR wallet. Users can top up cards from their wallet balance and withdraw money from the wallet to the card in crypto or fiat currency, as well as pay for goods and services anywhere in the world that accepts cryptocurrencies. Visa prepaid cards can be used in virtual or physical card forms. You can transfer money to friends and family, withdraw Euros quickly or withdraw domestic fiat money at ATMs no matter where you are in the world, with just one OWNR Wallet application.

5. OWNR Wallet is highly secure and compliant with global currency trading

Developed by a company with a fintech and cybersecurity background, it is not surprising that OWNR Wallet is protected with a powerful security level. Users have full control over their data and assets as OWNR Wallet is a non-custodial wallet. OWNR Wallet’s security mechanism uses seed phrases up to 24 words in length. The original phrase and the order of the words are chosen by the user and not stored on the system. Crypto owners can create an extra layer of security for their OWNR wallet app and device with a password, FaceID, or TouchID.

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As a licensed entity in the currency business, the cryptocurrency operations of OWNR Wallet are subject to strict international security standards regarding the origin of assets. Therefore, users who first transact or with amounts over $50 will be required to verify KYC with identification documents such as an ID or Passport, and proof of residential address. This ensures traders peace of mind about the transparency of cryptocurrencies on the OWNR Wallet platform.


OWNR Wallet is a unique crypto wallet designed to make cryptocurrency access easier than ever and for everyone. The OWNR Wallet application can be downloaded to mobile devices and is compatible with many operating systems. Crypto traders can also access the OWNR wallet on the web platform. With many outstanding features and always catching up with new technologies, OWNR Wallet quickly dominates the market and develops into a complete ecosystem, meeting all needs of crypto and virtual money use, transaction, purchase, and exchange and giving cryptocurrency practical value no different from ordinary paper money.

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