Blockchain App Ideas that Startups must invest in

Blockchain App Ideas that Startups must invest in
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Before diving into blockchain app ideas for start-ups, one should note why blockchain is an important asset in business. Since business is based on information, receiving faster and accurate delivery is better for the business. And this is where blockchain is ideal because it brings forth prompt, shared, and absolutely transparent information that is accessible only to permissioned network members. This way the transactions remain secure. Its other job is to record everything of value, virtually.

Here are some blockchain app ideas for start-ups:

  • Zero platform fees

Usually, sellers have to pay some amount to the platform in popular online markets. These amounts are absorbed either by the sellers or transferred to the buyers. Openbazaar is one such peer-to-peer app that accepts cryptocurrency. Since there is no middleman, it’s free from any fees and restrictions.

  • Hosting site without a central server

You wouldn’t want an unnecessary halt in your urgent online meeting or the completion of your work. So when your website is down due to some overload in the server, you would wish for your online content to not require a central server at all. In that case, Zeronet is your savior as it creates a completely decentralized internet. By storing website information in small bits across the internet, it aims to dodge the need of hosting websites on servers. Then a blockchain registry is used to link them together. This helps get rid of web-hosting costs and makes it easily accessible.

  • Charging accurately for consultation

If you’re providing consultation via phone calls, it’s quite exasperating to tally your fees based on call durations. And it’s not fair to charge your customer on an hourly basis if the consultation lasts only for a few minutes or for less than an hour. Two or more people can connect on Experty to exchange paid wisdom through online video or voice calls. So per minute rates instead of per hour block can be set by experts on this app. Even refunds can be processed if the expert fails to deliver a good service. Once both parties express their contentment, the fee is instantly transferred via the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Secure your Patent

One key factor to help your start-up grow and gain visibility is to invent and protect your unique idea. You wouldn’t want someone else stealing your idea and getting credits for it. If you want to check if your idea is really unique, one single search can cost up to $3000. LOCIsearch is a platform to discover IP and mine. Inventors can work with patent lawyers on this app to file or to directly sell their IP to buyers.

  • Digital wallet platform

If you are a newcomer in the cryptocurrency startup market, digital wallet apps such as Trezor, Coinbase will help to exchange crypto among owners and traders and they can access it with a private key.

  • Crypto payments

If you’ve indulged in a business where you have to sell a product or a service online, you might want to add cryptocurrency to your payment methods. Since the use of crypto coins are expanding, buyers would want to try out crypto-based purchases. Payment21, Bitpay, and CoinGate –these apps accept crypto payments.

  • Electronic commerce

In the e-commerce sector, customer loyalty programs can be created. You can use your existing cryptocurrency or create new ones for rewarding your customers after they review your products, give testimonials or recommendations. This gives them the opportunity to pay for your products and services with this money. Even large industrial sectors such as oil trading platforms, , make use of blockchain to make the transactions and bidding transparent and lucrative.

  • Crypto gaming platform

Online gaming platforms have got their reputation tarnished due to a lack of security and transparency. But at the same time, the demand for such platforms is continuously growing. So it would be a really good plan for your startup to integrate blockchain technology with one such gaming platform. It would be cryptocurrency-based gaming, where players would be able to buy and exchange cryptocurrency, even place bets, if needed during the game.

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Blockchain technology is quite a powerful and compelling tool to help you improve your business and run a fair trade. There are manifold applications that can be built on blockchain technology –so you need to think of very distinctive blockchain app ideas as per your business requirements, convenience, and expectations.

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